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26. August 2023

There are some problems with it. All of my products are set up the same way, but it refused to put a whole collection on the website. Requiring an ISBN, even though these are all custom products I have made. They were things like journals, and it required me to select an age group. Journals are for all ages. Outside of some minor annoyances, it's pretty good.

Also, the only other complaint is GA4 sucks it takes 48 hours for a claimed website to show up as a claimed website. This is something that should either be stated to people, or the claimed website should be acknowledged by your system immediately. The only notice GA$ gives you is that there will be no analytics for up to 48 hours. That mentions nothing about the claimed websites.

Blooming Lotus Awareness
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12. Juni 2023

Google service is good, but the only thing was we were having hard time while syncing the products to google shopping, where it kept on throwing errors requesting GTIN, MPN, BRAND etc, which has lead to slowing down with limited performance of our ads & we don't have those values to provide it to google as all our products are custom made or handcrafted. So, it took some time for us on how to fix it, but we've finally figured it out, now it's up & running and providing us with some great results.

Scott Handicraft
11 monate mit der App
30. August 2023

Google service is good, but the only thing was we were having hard time while syncing the products to google shopping, where it kept on throwing errors requesting GTIN, MPN, BRAND etc, which has lead to slowing down with limited performance of our ads & we don't have those values to provide it to google as all our products are custom made or handcrafted.

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1. August 2023

I have been using this app for over a year now without any problems. It is a good and free way to get your products into Google Shopping. However, the initial setup was a bit difficult, but once done, everything works flawlessly.

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26. Juli 2023

The Apps works well when you have only a few hundred products. When you have thousands of products the App is useless. The "Manage Products" link only loads 50 products by default. You have to scroll down to see the rest. As you do the page loading time gets exponentially longer. It has taken me over 2 hours to reach the end of my product list only to find that when I try to edit and save, the process hangs... often with "Server Error" message in a pop-up window. It is not a browser issue as I have tried several with the same result. Please fix to download complete product list when selecting "Manage Products".

Fact And Fiction
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Google LLC hat geantwortet 27. Juli 2023

Thank you for the feedback! We have noted your feedback around the bulk editor. That portion is actually owned by Shopify but we will be sure to pass on the feedback to the relevant product teams. Your experience is not one we hoped for and apologies for that. One workaround you may find useful in the meantime is using the export/import feature available on the Shopify Product page. More details can be found here:

If there is anything else we can do to help you, don't hesitate to contact us!

13. August 2023

The setup is quite easy, I didn't experience any issues with it. However, the only annoying issue when it's uploading products to google and the products get rejected, the explanation as to why it got rejected is not clear. So, you're left trying to figure out what the issue could be and hoping that what you're doing will fix it the issue.

Vereinigtes Königreich
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8. August 2023

This extension brings the easy and seamless experience that Google always offers. However, navigating between different Google Profiles and setting up the API given Google's plethora of tools and extensions is where it gets complicated and overwhelming.

Also, you'll come across errors or reviews or time lags that make the integration confusing. The fact that Google will see all your data and that of your customers is scary.

Ayoubi Steel Furniture Factory
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9. Juli 2023

After trying all possible support option i am writing this review! My Google Merchant account was all set and i was using a third party app to connect my shopify products with Google Merchant. When i found this official app i was happy to see this and I moved to this App. After few days I got email my account is suspended due to "Misrepresentation" After doing All review from my end and trying to update my website more better i requested review but nothing works.
I contacted Support Live chat of Google Merchant many time and they even also says everything is perfect and when they forward my request to Team for review again it say misrepresentation.
Our store is following all google guideline provided by google on their support pages but the reason of rejection was always same "misrepresentation" when i ask i happy to fix it but give me some exact guide and they always refuse to explain. they says to read support form again and again.
After tried everything I delete my old merchant account by thinking it might be glitch and i again created new one on same email and unfortunately after 3 days of working it again suspended with same reason.
I did a lot of changes and testing many things and done many reviews but no one able to guide me what actually the issue is.
Once a live chat person guide me about the speed issue might be the rejection reason I fixed it as well. My business details are all clear. my product description, images, titles EVERYTHING is perfect.
I have option for customer to review, i have all policies page with proper explanation. Our business selling only those product that are allow by google and so one.
everything was fine but I always see misrepresentation AND NO MORE SUPPORT.

I wish if someone give me exact guide i immediately solve the issue but at least tell your users what we missed. I have verified merchant on Pinterest and we have all social media active only missing to list our business on google and it looks like: GOOGLE ignore new startup!

wish to get a good response after this! I would love to update this review very soon to tell users GOOGLE Team finally helps me and i able to list my product again, wishing for better luck.


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Google LLC hat geantwortet 10. Juli 2023

Hello there. We are sorry to hear this has been a cause of frustration for you. Google's policies are in place to protect merchants and consumers. If you would like to learn more about this particular policy and how you can request a re-review, please visit:

I see you have already been in touch with our support team and hope this leads to a successful resolution. Thank you again for the feedback - we will be sure to share it with the relevant teams.

11. April 2023

Like others, over the span of a week, all of our products expired and we ended up with no active items on our Google Merchant account. We tried to solve the issue on our own, not really expecting to succeed, especially after seeing so many similar situations reported in these reviews. We are not sure if it will help anyone else, but we did discover that our primary feed had been deleted. We reconnected that and after 36 hours were very pleasantly surprised to see all of the item were active again.

Lesser Jewellers
Fast 2 jahre mit der App
7. April 2023

Doesn't work well. Shopify, you built it, please fix it.

I tried support but that didn't help so I will write this review.

You have a mandatory field on the product page, why I don't know, it is called "vendor". Ok? Well some of us are small businesses who sell one of a kinds. Vintage would also have issues with this.

So you force us to add a "vendor", I have used my shop name. Well, Google takes that information and adds it as BRAND. There is no brand! So they punish me and keep asking for a GTIN etc. I had to go to the merchant center and change every product. Tick off the box they have, for "custom or vintage". Days later it is back to what it was!!! I assume because it keeps pulling the information from Shopify?

Why don't you add a box on the product page, where we can check "custom or vintage" because there is no brand and not force us to write something that isn't true? Also, product category should work as it does on Google, so we can easily pick category. I get warnings all the time, I click on the yellow google, the window to edit pops up and same thing there. No suggestion about category. Do you really think we know those long categories? I tried adding the number I knew it was, didn't work.

Your programmers are changing the dashboard weekly, unnecessary changes and not always for the better, how about fixing actual issues? Adding things we can use instead of meaningless moving things around so we can't find them?

Just asking!

I guess I may have to remove the app and try something else. i am not sure what to do right now. I really wanted this to work. I can't believe this hasn't been known before and fixed. So did you know and never did anything about it or weren't you aware?

Energy Peace Shop
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Google LLC hat geantwortet 11. April 2023

Hi there,

Mario here from Shopify. Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience. We definitely want to make sure that you get the support you need and that your feedback is heard - I'll be in touch with you via email shortly to discuss this further.

Mario | Shopify