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9. heinäkuu 2023

After trying all possible support option i am writing this review! My Google Merchant account was all set and i was using a third party app to connect my shopify products with Google Merchant. When i found this official app i was happy to see this and I moved to this App. After few days I got email my account is suspended due to "Misrepresentation" After doing All review from my end and trying to update my website more better i requested review but nothing works.
I contacted Support Live chat of Google Merchant many time and they even also says everything is perfect and when they forward my request to Team for review again it say misrepresentation.
Our store is following all google guideline provided by google on their support pages but the reason of rejection was always same "misrepresentation" when i ask i happy to fix it but give me some exact guide and they always refuse to explain. they says to read support form again and again.
After tried everything I delete my old merchant account by thinking it might be glitch and i again created new one on same email and unfortunately after 3 days of working it again suspended with same reason.
I did a lot of changes and testing many things and done many reviews but no one able to guide me what actually the issue is.
Once a live chat person guide me about the speed issue might be the rejection reason I fixed it as well. My business details are all clear. my product description, images, titles EVERYTHING is perfect.
I have option for customer to review, i have all policies page with proper explanation. Our business selling only those product that are allow by google and so one.
everything was fine but I always see misrepresentation AND NO MORE SUPPORT.

I wish if someone give me exact guide i immediately solve the issue but at least tell your users what we missed. I have verified merchant on Pinterest and we have all social media active only missing to list our business on google and it looks like: GOOGLE ignore new startup!

wish to get a good response after this! I would love to update this review very soon to tell users GOOGLE Team finally helps me and i able to list my product again, wishing for better luck.


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Google LLC vastasi 10. heinäkuu 2023

Hello there. We are sorry to hear this has been a cause of frustration for you. Google's policies are in place to protect merchants and consumers. If you would like to learn more about this particular policy and how you can request a re-review, please visit:

I see you have already been in touch with our support team and hope this leads to a successful resolution. Thank you again for the feedback - we will be sure to share it with the relevant teams.

6. elokuu 2023

I've been using the app since earlier this year when I created my store. I didn't run into many issues other than the occasional missing gtin or a product being disapproved. I sorted it all out, 100% of my products were approved and only several were not (only for dynamic retargeting). Fast forward several months later, I go to check on my products in the google merchant center and I see that my account has been suspended due to: Misrepresentation.

I thought maybe this happened because I ran into a issue with Shopify that same day where it said I had to add a CAA record to my domain. But nope, I do not think so. The account suspension reason that google provided is vague. It lists many possibilities why my account could have been suspended but not THE reason. So, I honestly do not know why. I tried to message google to see if I could get an explanation but the only thing, I got in return was automated responses linking their misrepresentation policy.

I decided to search for user experience regarding the issue and behold I found nothing but nightmare stories. Most users seemed to have never gotten their issue resolved and gave up. Thus, leaving their account suspended forever.

The strange thing is that my account was perfectly fine for five months straight. I didn't change anything, only added, or removed products. Then out of nowhere I get this. It's kind of sad. I'm not sure if I will be able to use the google and YouTube app ever again. And for a reason I'm not even aware of.

I'm a small business and it's a nightmare to have to deal with automation repeatedly and left in the dark about alleged issues. It seems like it might be impossible to fight issues such as this.

Arcane Arcadia
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Google LLC vastasi 13. elokuu 2023

Hello there and thanks for leaving a review. We are sorry to hear this has been a cause of frustration for you. We regularly review this feedback with our product team so all the details you provided were very helpful.

Google's policies are in place to protect merchants and consumers. If you would like to learn more about this particular policy and how you can request a re-review, please visit:

You can also open a case with our support team through the above link to further assist in trying to unblock you. Thanks again for the feedback and we will share it with the wider team.

Muokattu 24. maaliskuu 2023

I am very disappointed! And now its very difficult to even use when adding products. For some unknown reason Shopify & this Google app had REMOVED the editing metafields from the product page in admin. Do you know what this effects? It makes it almost impossible when you have a product, you have sizes, colors, gender, new/used etc. & when you have to bounce OUT of the product page, go to the app, select all the columns you need that were once on the product page then have to scroll FARR to the right and back left, then have to go back to item you just added to get the size color etc. makes it VERY UNPLEASANT! MAKES ME NOT WANT TO EVEN USE IT ANYMORE! NOT GOOD. So I have to have my website up, go to the products I just posted (which can be many) & a preset page with the columns I need is just ridiculous. Now I have to have 3 different tabs open just to create a product and to use the Google app
thank you
PS. whoever had the bright idea of removing the metafields from the product page, should be fired...& I would sign off on that! KATIE BROWN!
& sorry for being so blunt but, this really does create alot of issues, not user friendly anymore

Blingschlingers Jewelry
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Google LLC vastasi 28. maaliskuu 2023

Hi there,

Brett here from Shopify. Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience. We definitely want to make sure that you get the support you need and that your feedback is heard - I'll be in touch with you via email shortly to discuss this further.

Brett | Shopify

1. syyskuu 2023

This is the first time I have ever taken the time to write a review but the service, specifically, the lack of service of I have received from Google is astonishing. My story begins a few weeks ago when I began a PMAX campaign to advertise my company. Granted, these types of campaigns can take weeks to months to fully optimize. Completely understandable since it uses AI to adjust your bidding/targeting. In one week, I had spent $700 to gather data/show ads. In addition, my products were uploaded to the Google Merchant center as Google/Shopify HEAVILY push you to do this. I even began a PMAX campaign for the Google Merchant center as I had read this may be better suited to the products I was selling. This is where EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING went wrong. After two days of running the Merchant Center PMAX campaign in addition to my other campaigns, I received the dreaded "Misrepresentation" warning on my account. Since I am new to Google ads, I didn't think this would be a big deal and didn't fully understand the consequences of having this stamped on your account. I made adjustments to the site to try and be compliant and submitted the site to be reviewed several times until I was put on a cool down period. Again, I didn't fully understand what was happening and thought it would be something that could be easily fixed. That couldn't be further from the truth. After two weeks of calling/emailing Google almost DAILY pulling my hair out trying to get back into their good graces, I was met with NOTHING but "We cannot share the details of why your merchant center has misrepresentation listed, keep trying to fix it, you'll figure it out." No joke, this went on for about two weeks to the point I was going to pay $1800 for an outside company to fix my misrepresentation suspension. That is, until I submitted a question to the forum since Google does not provide you with a reason your account is suspended. I was told because my items are POD, I cannot list them in the store. Google does not specifically list POD and instead states, "Items must be in stock to ship". The items in the POD store are "in stock" and would show "out of stock" if they were unavailable. There is conflicting information from Google forum "experts" as I found some posts that stated POD is allowed and some that say they are not allowed. The problem goes beyond this as my Google Ads account was CONNECTED to the merchant center. Because the Merchant Center was suspended, my Google Ads was suspended as well. The only way to reinstate my Google Ads is to get the Merchant Center reinstated which is IMPOSSIBLE since Google doesn't allow POD in their Merchant Center apparently even though Google Ads DOES allow POD products to be advertised. Do you see where I am beyond upset? I spend $700 for a week of ads to be displayed to have the rug pulled out from under me and have both accounts suspended. I can't tell you the relief I feel that I no longer am doing business with Google Ads and their horrible, nonexistent customer service. You would think paying $700 for a week worth of ads would be enough to get some sort of response or customer service from Google. Its not. This is your warning, if you have a POD service or similar business structure, be very careful and do not upload your products to the Merchant Center even though Google will encourage you to do. You will be put into a doom loop essentially with no way out. I learned my lesson $700 later. You've been warned.

Max's Case Co.
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Google LLC vastasi 5. syyskuu 2023

Hello and thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback. I am sorry that this has been a frustrating experience for you - this was certainly not our intention. I did pull up your account and was not seeing any suspension. It is possible that some merchants have multiple accounts, though. In order to best help you, please contact support through this link where we have a dedicated team of Shopify-trained agents on standby:

2. maaliskuu 2023

At least a couple of times I've gotten to act "by accident", but only for a short time, until again comes the text "google suspended the account due to misrepresentation" I have tried to ask where the fault is when I simply can't think of? They respond "We have found that your account has been flagged as a misrepresentation policy violation. This policy suspension means that we've reviewed your Google Merchant Center account to determine that it doesn't comply with our Shopping policies and your Google merchant. The account has been rejected" On top of that, suddenly the logo is not valid either, even though the same logo has already been in use for at least a month. I have tried to change it many times, but nothing is valid. I have given up. Really lousy app and dares to pay for asking for the app, which doesn't work. I don't know if an online store can be run at all without google, if not, I have to stop before I've gotten properly even started, really having to head on when I've wasted money and time on something like this, which should be prohibited by law.

Palomaa Online Store
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Google LLC vastasi 7. maaliskuu 2023

Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to submit your feedback. We're going to follow up with you over email to open up the lines of communication and see if we can address some of the issues you were having with the app.

In case the resolution lies with Google, we’ll arrange for this to be raised with the appropriate team to work through the issues with you.

Jason | Shopify

Muokattu 12. tammikuu 2023

Have gone CRAZY trying to figure out what I am doing wrong and why my products do not sync to Merchant Center anymore. Wish I had read the previous reviews earlier! Clearly there is a SERIOUS issue happening and customer support is really unhelpful. They first told me to open a new support ticket because I was not logged in (crazy, right, since I mentioned all info about my account in my ticket). Then the new ticket guy tells me to resync and wait. When what they should do is ADMIT they have a problem, stop making is about US and FIX it!!!!!

Break Time
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Google LLC vastasi 18. tammikuu 2023

Hi there,

Thanks for leaving your feedback for the Google channel app. My name is Vance from Shopify support. It sounds like you may have encountered an error with product syncing that's currently affecting a number of merchants. We're actively working to resolve this error. I'll be sending you an email with more details after we've reviewed your store.

Vance | Marketplaces Support Specialist

20. marraskuu 2022

Absolute garbage. I've been trying for over a month to get my products listed on Google. They keep disapproving my listings. I've reached out to Shopify several times and they keep telling me it's Google's problem. I've tried reaching out to Google and it sends me to Google Ads, which doesn't help because it's the wrong department. Nothing helps me reach the Google Merchant Center help desk. There's such a huge lack of customer support and a very poor quality of integration. There's no clear instructions of why your listings get disapproved. I've read that other customers didn't have any issues on other ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce. This suggests that it's definitely an integration issue between both Shopify and Google, and someone needs to take responsibility for the issues and fix them before Shopify loses customers due to this terrible performing app. There is absolutely no point to staying with Shopify if this app won't list your products. There's no other way to be seen online unless you physically share your website to social media platforms. It's absolutely ridiculous and has been the bane of my existence for the last 30+ days.

Doves and Ravens
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Google LLC vastasi 23. marraskuu 2022

Hi there,

Vance here with Shopify! Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experience with the app. I can understand the difficulty of this situation. I've sent you an email to offer further support and help resolve this.

Vance | Shopify Support

27. syyskuu 2023

Avoid it if you can, or at least make it your last priority. I wish I tried to manually set myself up on google rather than use this tool.

Is currently the slowest 3rd party app on my site, will not work out of the box (and may do 'weird' things like add multiple pixels and then connect to the wrong one), and there is 0 support (no contact for months, once I had an employee invite me to a meeting and then not show up) for when your account inevitably gets flagged by some faulty automation.

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Muokattu 15. tammikuu 2023

Syncing issue with GMC and Shopify:

UPDATE 16.01.2023 :
Shopify support has now stopped replying to emails and messages. Shopify is refusing to give any information on what is causing the sync issue and when or even if Shopify will be bothered to fix the problem. This has been the most disappointing customer service experience.

Several months ago we moved from a paid app to the free Google Sales Channel app. There were a few issues when setting it up but they were resolved. It has worked reasonably well for the past 6 months. 3 days ago GMC stopped syncing our products from Shopify. I have spent 3 days, dozens of emails and online chats to Shopify and Google to try to get this fixed.

At first, they both denied there was an issue but said they would look into it. Finally today I received an email from Shopify acknowledging, not only that there is an issue but they have been aware of it for some time. That was the last I heard from Shopify. I am still waiting for a response on how to fix this.

If Shopify continues to be unable or unwilling to fix this problem we will most likely be leaving the Shopify platform and taking our business elsewhere.

The Urban Gear
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Google LLC vastasi 18. tammikuu 2023


Jackie here from Shopify. Thanks for taking the time to submit your feedback. We're going to follow up with you over email to open up the lines of communication and see if we can address some of the issues you were having with the app.
Jackie | Shopify

28. maaliskuu 2023

I've been trying to link this channel to my Shopify account for six months. Support from Google is poor. I don't get responses when I email. It's difficult to navigate all of the requirements. I eventually hired a third party to try and navigate the maze for me, but even they had trouble. I understand that the online market is saturated since Covid; however, treating potential business partners this way is unprofessional. I use Google in my personal life and this lack of support has also altered the way that I feel as a customer.

Gaia's Roots, LLC
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Google LLC vastasi 30. maaliskuu 2023

Hey there,

Brett here from Shopify. Thanks for sharing your feedback in regards to the Google channel app. We'd like to make sure that you get the support you need regarding the issues you are facing with the Google Channel. I'll be sending an email out to open up the lines of communication and assist wherever I can.

Brett | Shopify Support