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6 februari 2024

I have the 'Google and YouTube' app installed and it is linked to my GA4 analytics account. It works great.

I have a problem though. I am importing conversions from GA4 into Google Ads. That works well. But I cannot seem to be able to implement 'enhanced conversions' in Google Ads.

All the information on enhanced conversions says to install either GTM or Google ADS TAG. Evidently I should not have both the 'Google and You Tube' app GA4 AND GTM set up on the same site.

But I don't want to uninstall the 'Google and YouTube' app.
How can I implement enhanced conversions?

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4 april 2024

Thanks, Team very helpful. There is very systematic steps required to be followed for initial setup. If you miss the step you could have to wait. Luckily Google team was quite supportive and promptly provide issues with details of how to fix it.

Charged Battery
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4 april 2024

I'm new on google merchant and you tube but i don't have comments yet.

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22 januari 2024

I had some issues but not where it’s been a bad experience so far I’m liking it it’s good it helps my website Grow so I’m liking it right now. So far so good.

Boba Milk Fan Store
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21 februari 2024

Oh, shopping on Google is so convenient! You can find almost anything you need just by typing it into the search bar. Plus, they have a wide range of products and great deals. Have you tried shopping on Google before?

Arya Store
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22 maart 2024

This application can help associate products and parameters in the three software, which is more convenient, but the results of synchronization between different store sites are quite different, some are associated with merchant center, some are associated with merchant center next, but the interface of next is more concise and practical, and it cannot be unified. Now I can only find the next interface to convert to the traditional interface, and there is no traditional interface to convert to the next operation. I hope to improve it and witness the development together with this application.

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25 maart 2024

Pretty simple and easy.

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5 april 2024

not so intuitive tp use

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Bewerkt 4 december 2023

good but it must give access to small business owners but for youtube due to low subscriber we are unable to add our channel :(

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5 februari 2024

Quick and easy to install

Raw Metal Racers
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