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28 september 2023

Customer service is knowledgeable about the apps and able to answer enquiry within acceptable timeframe. However that's some limitation which they could not do from their end and will need to be specific and clear on the request or enquiry so that they will be able to provide the best solution to your matters. Overall Growave provides what we needs and hope to see the suggestion submitted to be implemented.

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Growave heeft geantwoord 1 oktober 2023

Dear Lee and prettyFIT team,😍

We appreciate your feedback on our customer service. We're pleased to hear about our team's knowledge and timely responses.

​Your input holds significant value to us, and we are sincerely committed to continual improvement. We also hope to implement your suggestions soon. Thank you for choosing Growave! 💖

Reputation Manager!

10 oktober 2023

The application is very good, but it has some flaws:

-It's slow to load pages.
-Regarding the rewards program, some ways of rewarding customers are not very effective. For example, customers can share or visit our social networks to earn points, but for sharing, they can cheat, meaning they share nothing and still earn points. Moreover, just visiting doesn't serve much purpose. It would have been better to give points in exchange for a "like" on the Facebook page or a follow on Instagram or Twitter.

However, overall, it's a very good all-in-one application with a good price point. The big plus is the team that is always available to solve your problems, although there were a few problems I encountered that they couldn't solve. I recommend the application, especially if you need an all-in-one solution.

I've noticed that the application is updated frequently, which is good news. I will also update my review after my customers have used the application.

Mon Bar à Print
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Growave heeft geantwoord 11 oktober 2023

Dear team at Mon Bar à Print,

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your valuable feedback and for giving us a 4-star review. We greatly appreciate your detailed insights into your experience with our application. 😊✨

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you've experienced, particularly regarding the loading speed of pages and certain aspects of our rewards program. Your feedback about potential vulnerabilities in the rewards program is essential for us to address, and we'll certainly take a closer look at these areas to enhance the effectiveness and security of the program. Your suggestions about offering points for actions like "likes" on Facebook and follows on social media are valuable, and we'll consider these options for future improvements.

We're thrilled to hear that you find our application to be an excellent all-in-one solution with a competitive price point. We take immense pride in our dedicated support team, and your positive remarks about their availability are truly motivating. We look forward to your future updates on your experience with the application based on your customers' usage.

Should you ever encounter any further issues or have additional suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us provide you with the best possible experience. 💞

Begaiym, Reputation Manager!

29 september 2023

Great and affordable solution. Very good usability and an excellent service team, with quick solutions!
Unfortunately, the issue of DSVGO is not quite clearly regulated and not unproplematic with Kyrgyzstan.

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Growave heeft geantwoord 1 oktober 2023

Hi Jörg and team at hyaluronce, 😊

Our support team is truly grateful for your positive feedback! We're thrilled to hear that you find Growave a great and affordable solution with excellent usability.

Regarding the DSVGO issue, we understand the concern, and we'll continue to work towards more transparent regulations, especially in regions like Kyrgyzstan.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're here to assist you with any further needs. 💞

Reputation Manager.

22 augustus 2023

Growave is a good value app that provides a lot of functionality in one app. Some fixes and adjustments have been required along the way but the team has been very helpful and easy to work with.

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Growave heeft geantwoord 23 augustus 2023

Hi Brad and the team at La Maison Talulah,

Thank you for sharing your feedback and for choosing Growave as your app of choice. We truly appreciate your 4-star review and the insights you've provided.

We're delighted to hear that you're finding Growave to be a valuable app that offers a wide range of functionalities. Your recognition of the effort we put into providing a comprehensive solution is truly gratifying. Our team is committed to ensuring your experience is seamless, and we're glad to have been able to assist you effectively. Your positive words about our team being helpful and easy to work with are greatly appreciated 🤗.

Thank you once again for your review and for being a part of the Growave community. We're here to support you, and if you have any questions or need assistance in the future, please feel free to reach out.

Sending positive vibes your way!

Growave support team ✨.

Bewerkt 19 mei 2023

It's a great combination of features and price. Plus the support is solid.

I've been with growave for a couple of years. But I'm not satisfied with the progress this app has (not) made in visual design. Nothing has changed.

The overall visual design of the app is mediocre at best which doesn't help convert visitors very well. It feels very early 2000s.

Growave needs to focus on design. We need more modern looking widgets and alternatives to the slider design for reviews. Why does it have to look so bad? Please look at Loox or other competitors which have card based design and grids.

NOTE: I'm NOT talking about the Admin area. I'm talking about how the app looks on websites. Particularly the reviews.

Verenigde Staten
Bijna 2 jaar gebruiken de app
Growave heeft geantwoord 19 mei 2023

Hi, the team at Coveralls,
Thank you so much for your valuable feedback. Our team always ensures that you like our platform and that all your queries and requests get fulfilled quickly! 💖

We are always ready to go the extra mile to provide our friends with the highest quality care, and the fact that you have highlighted this means a world to us!😇
Thank you for making our day brighter! 💖

And thank you for pointing out the design of the features in the stores. There is always room for improvements and we working on it to make customers' experience great! ⭐️

Happy Growaving! ❤️

20 augustus 2023

Beaucoup de choses disponibles dans cet application. Comme le programme de points et récompenses pour les clients, des emails automatisés, un compte et une liste de souhait pour les clients. Je suis satisfaite du résultat. Merci.

Easy lifestyle
Ongeveer 6 uur gebruiken de app
Growave heeft geantwoord 21 augustus 2023

Hey Easy lifestyle team,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with other customers.
So happy to know that you are enjoying Growave! 😍

We'll do our best to continue to provide you with the highest level of service and product!
Thank you for choosing Growave!💙

Please do not hesitate to contact our team with any questions, we are 24/7 online for assistance.

By the way, we sent an email to you, could you please check your inbox? We will look forward to hearing from you soon. 🤗

Growave Support team.

27 mei 2023

It is a great app and the chat assist is fast too. The only thing I would add into the app is an auto discount for my customers when they purchase based on their tier. It is more rewarding and it's easier to retain them. Unless it is already in the app which i don't know how to set it

Fravi Sdn Bhd (Bebehaus) 562119-D
9 dagen gebruiken de app
Growave heeft geantwoord 27 mei 2023

​Dear team at Fravi Sdn Bhd (Bebehaus) 562119-D🤗,

Thank you for your positive review of our app! We're thrilled to hear that you find it great and appreciate your kind words about our customer support managers💗.

We appreciate your suggestion about adding an auto discount feature for purchases based on customer tiers. While this feature is not currently available in the app, we'll definitely take your feedback into consideration for future updates. Moreover, we have several workaround rules that give out discounts to customers as a reward for their purchases. If you have any more suggestions or questions, please feel free to reach out. We're here to help🙌🏻!

14 december 2022

A couple of issues came up, but it was a user error. I had updated my Shopify pages for SEO and accidentally deleted the coding that makes Wishlist, Refer a friend, and Loyalty program Landing Pages appear on my site. It took three days for them to figure out how I wanted it reinstalled, due to the language barrier I believe, but it looks great now. Thank goodness for 24/7 help.

Verenigde Staten
Ongeveer een jaar gebruiken de app
Growave heeft geantwoord 16 december 2022

Hi Melendy and THE HOUSE OF BLONDIE team!

We really appreciate your feedback. Thanks to people like you we have a chance to grow and provide better service to more clients 🤗!

We do admit that in total it took 3 days to solve the issue. Growave Team always wants to take care of each and every detail which can bring additional questions coming up further. Additionally, attentiveness and providing a good experience to every client is a top priority for us, therefore, we spend extra time on every request we are receiving. Moreover, we try to investigate thoroughly while resolving the merchant's queries which again can lead to taking some extra time. I really hope for your understanding on this matter 😊!

We really appreciate you being a customer and are here for you anytime 🙌.

15 februari 2023

The app is very good and support is excellent and fast. I've uninstalled it because it makes it mandatory for customers to create an account, while I prefere to let them decide if they want to join the reward program (and create an account) or just purchase more quickly.

3 dagen gebruiken de app
Growave heeft geantwoord 16 februari 2023

Hi, team ofmachebuoni,

We appreciate your kind word for the app and Support team 🥰. Our team works hard every day to deserve your positive feedback. We’re delighted to hear that you received friendly, attentive service from our team.

As for creating an account, I am afraid, without enabling an account, our app doesn't work. Nevertheless, we have forwarded your feedback to Product Management to review and implement in the closest updates.

Please note that we are always here to assist you if you decide to come back. Hope to work with you again 🙌🏻!

5 november 2014

It is an absolute delight, this app. I have been searching for a login pop up app which was free but didn't come across any which looks so professional. I am very happy with the installation. Though there were some issues that I faced initially upon installation, but their customer service immediately resolved these issue.

I completely recommend it.

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