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5. toukokuu 2023

It always does a great job with every launch that I do of keeping everything organized. Whenever I have questions about a feature Karolina is always returning my emails with helpful advice.

Melkein 2 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
16. helmikuu 2023

So far I am very happy with this app. I am particularly pleased the customer service I have received. Thank you so much Karolina for all of your help!

I think it is good value and delivers on all of our main requirements for an ambassador scheme.

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GrowthHero.io vastasi 16. maaliskuu 2023

We really appreciate that, thank you! We're always happy to help :)

8. joulukuu 2022

I've had very good success with the app. No installation or setup issues. I use it on a fairly limited basis, for a small scale affiliate program only, and it's worked very well for this purpose. I recently had a question/concern regarding an order that wasn't credited to an affiliate. Support was very quick to respond and was very helpful in resolving the issue. Turns out the order wasn't credited for good reason so the app was working properly.

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GrowthHero.io vastasi 16. maaliskuu 2023

We're pleased to hear you're enjoying our app :) Thank you so much!

12. tammikuu 2023

Has been a great experience working with Growth Hero, any issues or queries are easily and quickly tended too, app is easy to use and very straightforward. Excellent support from the team. Highly recommend.

Cleo Harper
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GrowthHero.io vastasi 16. maaliskuu 2023

Wonderful! We're so pleased you are enjoying GrowthHero :)

9. toukokuu 2023

I installed the app and then I didn't use it, I forgot to remove the app from the store until I got charged. I have contacted to ask for a refund of that amount, but was not approved so I am not really satisfied even though the app works quite well.

22 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
22. tammikuu 2020

I originally had a lot of questions. Mike was super helpful at helping me wrap my head around everything as I became more familiar with the software.


A-Tactical Fitness
Yli 3 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
27. maaliskuu 2020

So far, so good. I had a few issues trying to figure out what my affiliate sees but the responsive customer support *Simon* and *Gregg* were fantastic in answering my questions.

They seemed to really care about my company and interested in seeing it be successful and not without any fakery. I appreciate that as things are moving fast in the cleaning products business. Thanks so much for the support!

Yli 3 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
14. elokuu 2020

perfect affiliate app - reasonably priced and fantastic live chat support, very helpful and simple to use. I would recommend!

BergaMet North America
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Muokattu 18. marraskuu 2021

I've had a great experience with GrowthHero! They have solid customer service and provide in-depth/hands-on customer service. I spoke with Simon and he was very helpful! I'm planning on recommending this to friends.

Komuso Design
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Muokattu 19. toukokuu 2020

I normally don't write many reviews, but this team is truly responsive and the app is excellent. I worked in high growth eCommerce businesses (£30m+ revenue) for a long time as a Product Manager and have rarely seen such a though through app with such a minimal price tag. Well done!

We are using it as a 'partner portal' and it has an endless amount of customisation options for our large partners aka affiliates.

Well done Team!

Noahs Box
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