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Bewerkt 25 juni 2019

The app started showing wrong prices(??) and I wrote again and again to support with no response. They have now later on shown me a copy of an email that they had sent to me but my 365 Microsoft solution didn't pass it on to me so thats that.
Anyways, I ended up having a coder write me a new product guide that works great and it beats the 40USD per month.

Marina Miracle
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3 Revolutions heeft geantwoord 11 maart 2020

Thank you for your review and your feedback. We were sorry to learn that you had trouble with the performance of our app and that our communications were not received. We addressed the bug that was affecting your prices right away and have switched email providers so that our emails won't be lost again.

Thank you again for bringing your concerns to our attention. We have used this feedback to create better processes and app experience for all of our customers.

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21 juni 2018

It works, although I feel that the lack of customization (CSS) makes the user experience quite dull on both sides. I wish they would add an option for experienced front-end developers.

Bioeffect 2
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3 Revolutions heeft geantwoord 11 maart 2020

Thanks for your feedback! This is a communication and marketing miss on our part and we are sorry you had trouble customizing our app and we never gave you the proper support that you needed.

We actually spent a lot of time strategically and intentionally building our app so experienced front-end developers like yourself could have full design control and extend the entire look and feel by overriding CSS. We have many customers who have amazing looking product finders and quizzes who have fully customized the app to match their brand aesthetic.

For the old schoolers, think CSS Zen Garden. We built the application so that you can easily target and override global CSS elements for each step. We recommend front-end developers to inspect the CSS elements that they want to customize and then include custom CSS within the page where the product finder resides to override the default settings.

If you have any questions at all on how to customize your CSS, please feel free to reach out to us at guidelines(at) - we hope to hear from you soon!

Bewerkt 11 april 2017

Way too expensive, lower your price

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3 Revolutions heeft geantwoord 11 maart 2020

Thanks for your review. Although, a product finder and quiz may seem like a simple tool, it is a complicated app and we work extremely hard to ensure we are providing our customers the best experience possible. All of this takes time and effort.

That said, we recently released (Feb 2020) a new analytics tool that provides insights into session, views and click rate data for each product finder and quiz. This new feature helps you determine your ROI by understanding how many shoppers (unique and return) are interacting with your product finders, which answers they are clicking and which products they are being recommended. We hope this feature will provide the insights to help you drive more sales and provide a compelling shopping experience for your customers. Thanks again for your feedback.

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