Optim Feed ‑ Facebook Catalog

Optim Feed ‑ Facebook Catalog

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Generate a Facebook Product Feed from your Shopify Products

Customize your feed

Get additional product information like inventory levels, weight, and product tags into Facebook using Custom Labels. Documentation include

Get automatic updates

Our system makes sure your feed mirrors your Shopify products and settings by routinely doing updates. Updates happen every 24 hours or les

Set up in under 5 minutes

Get your Shopify products into a Facebook Catalog quickly with a few clicks. Step-by-step tutorial included in the app.

Optim Feed ‑ Facebook Catalogの詳細情報


  • Include Product Vendor Names in Titles.
  • Filter by collection ID to control the products included in your feed.

Featured Review

"We used three other feed apps prior, and each could not handle the number of products because they used RSS feeds. This product uses an XML style feed and handles large inventories in seconds." - Broken English Jewelry

Optim Feed vs. The Rest

  • Support for huge catalogs with 50k variants
  • Reliable XML feeds that don't time out
  • Title customizations with Product Vendors
  • Title customizations with Variant Titles
  • Simple featured image overrides
  • Ability to hide individual products from feed
  • Custom Label mapping from Product Data
  • Automatic feed updates
  • Multiple images for slideshow ads
  • In-depth tutorials and 5 minute on-boarding


Our app allows you to generate a product feed to import product information into a Facebook Catalog. Catalogs can be used for marketing efforts like dynamic product ads, responding to product views, add to carts, and purchases.

Shopify's Facebook pixel integration will allow for 3 key events: ViewContent, AddToCart, and Purchase. Each of these events will pass a product ID, which will be included in your product feed. This will allow you to respond to user events with dynamic product ads that include a product image, title, price, availability, and more.

Facebook Variables included in feed for each Shopify Variant

  • Brand: Brand of Product
  • ID: Variant ID
  • Availability: In Stock/Sold Out
  • Condition: Set to "new"
  • Price: Variant Price, unless "Compare At Price" is set and greater than "Price"
  • Sale Price: If Variant "Compare At Price" is greater than "Price", set to "Price"
  • Link: URL of product/variant
  • Item Group ID: Product ID of variant
  • Product Type: Type of Product
  • MPN: Variant SKU
  • Title: Title of Product - Title of Variant (if variant)
  • Description: Product Content
  • Image Link: URL of product/variant image
  • Additional Image Link: 10 product images in addition to main variant image
  • Shipping Weight: Weight of Variant
  • Custom Labels 0-4: Custom Mapped
  • Size: Mapped to Product Option Names with "Size"

Available Mappings for Custom Labels 0-4 (full documentation available in app)

  • Product Handle: The URL friendly handle of the product
  • Product Tags: Product tags in Shopify admin
  • Variant Taxable: Is the product variant set to be taxable?
  • Variant Inventory Level: The amount of inventory left for product variant
  • Variant Requires Shipping: Is product variant set to require shipping?
  • Variant Weight In Grams: The product variant’s set weight in grams
  • Variant Weight in Set Unit: The product variant’s set weight in chosen unit of weight



料金 14日間の無料体験

Standard Plan


  • Ability to hide any product with a tag
  • Data Mapping to 5 Custom Labels in Facebook
  • Documentation & Use Cases for Facebook Product Sets

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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onlinemarkat Jordan

finally!!! this app solved our problem as generating facebook feed became so complicated lately! using the app, feed generated in few seconds like magic, thank you so much for this great app


Although it ultimately didn't meet our (very specific) needs, this a great app and the level of support is incredible! The developer responded to our requests very quickly and even offered to build a custom solution for us. Thank you!

nightcity clothing

Incredibly easy to use application for its purpose! This application is fantastic for being able to offer full control of what information gets synced to Facebook for a much greater level of manipulation of the catalog, which is not possible with the native Shopify-Facebook channel.