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24 de septiembre de 2022

They care about profit more than the value they give to small businesses. I've heard many great things about them, and I was excited to try. Somebody contacted me after I had downloaded the app and told me they would be interested in getting on a call and go over the app and it's features. It sounded like a beneficent way to onboard a new customer into a pretty complicated app (at first glance atleast). I spoke to a charming salesperson, Zoran, who had told me about an onboarding specialist helping us set up and such.. But there was a catch, you had to sign up for their PRO plan that was in the ballpark of $300 a month. The first month was "free". There was no consideration for our business and how much we'd use it, even though I told them we wouldn't use that often in our non-busy season and once we got busier, MOST of our inquiries come from our Etsy channel. So it's very important that they have an Etsy channel integration. I emphasized that point numerous times. He said he'd look into it. I got out the call thinking that as nice as the guy was, he only cared about the sale more than anything else. We had a call in a week, and his attention to my top concern would provide a light whether my suspicions were true. As soon as we got on the next call, he said - and I think i'm paraphrasing here - "are you ready for the PRO plan!?". No mention of Etsy. It was just about making the sale. I called him out on the fact and said that there's no chance of us being on the PRO plan now for this year. That means no onboarding for us. The whole fake vibe of Zoran changed once he knew there would be no chance at us going on the Pro plan and pay $300 a month. The conversation swiftly ended after that because I mean, why talk to somebody who isn't paying your bills? For my fast growing business, I think we'd be better off using another provider that would care about building the relationship while we're small.

Estados Unidos
23 días usando la aplicación
Gorgias Inc respondió 3 de octubre de 2022

Hello Team.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We are sincerely sorry to hear that you haven't had the true Gorgias experience, and we’re truly disappointed to read your review as we know we can do better. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and we would like to show you how much we care.

Having checked your previous correspondence with our Team, we could see that there was a mention of several integrations which would be vital for your customer service that we, unfortunately, don't support at the moment. This being said, we always relay product feedback on our clients' end, since our Devs Team is tirelessly working on improving our existing, and introducing new features. Nevertheless, we'd love to send over some other recommendations on how to integrate some channels which could definitely help you reach your goals.

As for your correspondence with our Sales Team, we can assure you that everyone here at Gorgias hugely cares about our clients and the service that we provide from the very first moment.

Taking into consideration the size of your business, and its development mentioned on several occasions, we can assure you that we'll do our best to find the most suitable solution for you and your Team. We will make things right for you so that you can enjoy using Gorgias as soon as possible, and we will therefore reach out to you directly to discuss this matter further.

Once again, we're truly grateful for your feedback, and we hope that you'll give us the second chance to improve your experience with us.

30 de enero de 2023

Gorgias touts all of these integrations they have, but most setups are horrendous. Have to do a ton of work with all kinds of weird HTTP, web hooks and code stuff that most small business owners using Shopify may have a huge struggle. I know I sure have. Setting up Zapier integration is far too complicated. If you're going to support any integrations, please treat it like no one is a coder. Once we have to incorporate any code you've lost us. Also, the general UX experience of Gorgias is just not great. Navigation is weird and super busy. The mobile app couldn't be more worse. Lots of sales fluff on their website with very little followthrough, certainly with tons of friction for setup. I don't recommend this app at all.

Wildlife Tree
Estados Unidos
8 meses usando la aplicación
1 de diciembre de 2020

Disappointing. The reviews (outside shopify, e.g. reddit and other forums) are true. Their own support is very disjointed and leaves a lot to be desired. Each question took 6 hours+ to get a response on their own chat function. Areas that did not work for us:
- Live chat functionality is pretty useless. I tried their beta and their automations leave a lot to be desired and no, you can't put in a proper work around. We were using tidio to run chat bots whereby we offer a new customer promo. There's no suitable workaround for this. If you run one of their 'campaigns' you can't run it outside of business hours.
- Their pricing is pretty obtuse. You pay per ticket. I gave it a chance. We liked the feature of sending an auto response to inbound email tickets to acknowledge receipt and give an SLA. Personally I feel reassured when I receive acknowledgement and an SLA on when I can expect to receive a response. If you choose this, all responses are counted as tickets. So in respect to inbound emails, spam or not, everyone counts as a ticket.
- The demo I received from Jasper was 25 mins of preamble and 5 mins of visually seeing the platform with no demo of how to use it. Having tried Gorgias, FreshDesk & Chat, Zohodesk and Re:Amaze we've ended up going with Re:Amaze. The functionality is intuitive and they're not trying to run before they can walk.

Reino Unido
5 días usando la aplicación
21 de agosto de 2021

The app is great, and the onboarding was easy. A couple of odd things happened here and there, like Instagram and FB disconnecting without notice. They told us they have no control over that - okay, but at least let me know the integration is gone and we need to reconnect. We did not answer any social query for 3 days until we noticed there was something wrong. Now, the TRUE dealbreaker for us is the file upload capability. It's 10 MB PER EMAIL!! Not even per file!! We create personalized paintings, so we need to send out customers high-resolution files. 10MB per email is just miserable, considering the app cost. A free Gmail account allows you 25 MB per file. Zendesk too. That would be enough for us. After spending time resizing, compressing, resizing again, etc., we are about to cancel the service since we spend too much time doing unnecessary tasks. We talked to support about this, and all they said is that they don't have a direct line with engineers and will add it to some feedback list. There are no plans to change that. So if your business needs to send files to your customers, bear in mind that this app will be a pain. I hope they can give us a solution, though.

Paint by Numbers