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2. oktober 2023

Great if you like $500+ a month. It is not $60 as advertised.

Really Cool Living - Savage
6 dager bruker appen
Gorgias Inc. svarte 4. oktober 2023

Hi, Brandon! We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you faced while trying to find the advertised price on your Gorgias account. This is the price for our Basic plan and is currently available on all accounts. It has never been our intention to cause confusion since we aim to provide a reliable and transparent service. We have just messaged you privately so we can go over this in depth. Your feedback is highly valued, and we are open to hearing your thoughts at any time!

18. desember 2022

We used this app for a number of months but decided to migrate away. Gorgias is well established however we felt that it was trying to do too much and the customer got lost in persistent automation. The support team were excellent at the onset but that ebbed away over time and I didn't feel it was appropriate to continue with this solution. A nice product but not compelling enough to keep as our first choice app.l

Mountain Dog
4 måneder bruker appen
16. mai 2017

1. Very good concept, I consider it the best among the customer communication apps. It's convenient to manage all communications and manage orders from the same interface.
2. The interface is clean, easy to navigate and find useful information.
3. Reasonably priced, has a very good beginner's deal.
4. Support is excellent, had a pleasant conversation, and they do listen to customers.

The reason I did not give 5 star is this app seems unfinished, still need a lot of improvement to deliver what it promised:
1. If your domain e-mail is not g-suite, you may have e-mail delivery issue for outgoing e-mails; I know there are ways to work around this, but it's complicated and not documented by Gorgias.
2. Does not work nicely with contact forms, not able to hide contact form system information from customers .
3. Does not yet have a desktop app to work efficiently for LiveChat support.

Overall, keep an eye on it, once this app gets mature, it will worth the money.

Zen Art Shop
Over 2 år bruker appen
Redigert 12. juli 2017


Used to be free but suddenly changed to a subscription of $30 a month for the standard plan. And that's only for 600 tickets - their basic plan. When enquiring they said they sent out emails, which I never received. I went back to check as I have a specific email just for shopify apps in this store - then they assumed and said the email just got 'lost'. Good that they let me cancel the subscription without paying for something I was never notified about.


CEO reached out to me promptly and helped with removing Gorgias from mobile. Rating changed to 5 while I see how this goes. Will be trialling it out as I installed it thinking it would be a great app.

The chat integration part of the app is not compatible with certain iPhones and had been having conflicting issues with other apps. This led to customers being unable to close the chat once opened on mobile view and instead would just close my shop. Since it was urgent, I asked them if it's possible to turn it off for mobile but their lack of English skills was evident by their responses which had nothing to do what I was asking for. I asked 3 questions and they only answered what they wanted to answer. Furthermore, they took their time responding even though I let them know it was urgent and it got to the point where their staff was incredibly rude, condescending and unhelpful about helping me uninstall the code. Very frustrating.

Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
14. september 2018

We use this app for email support and chat. We've tried a few different ones and Gorgias is probably the best. It's still missing some functionality though. To be completely honest, it seems as though the company is in growth mode and more focused on fundraising/growth than appeasing it's existing customer base. Feedback and response times on slower than average when compared to other apps, but I would still recommend this app.

Rundt 1 måned bruker appen