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Data de edição: 22 de fevereiro de 2023

All week I trialed different support apps in the order below

1: freshdesk, you get a lot of stuff for your money but none of it works. They're a lot of bugs and support is terrible.

2: Zendesk, Really expensive, terrible customer support especially tech team (literally the worst customer support I've ever experienced). I actually didn't manage to even set up the app in order to use it. overly complicated. terrible worst of the 3 by a long way.

3: Gorgias, Easy to set up. simple interface and just seems to work. I would give it 5 stars but the pricing for me as a small business is off putting. 60 dollars a month and still a ticket limit is why I didn't go for Gorgias from the start. things it doesn't have I wish it did. an option for live chat user to switch to their preferred messenger app...Facebook / Instagram etc and the chatbot options are a little thin from what I can see. but all being said. Don't waste your time on the others you'll end up pulling your hair out. Gorgias is easily the best if your new to customer service apps and want something very well integrated with Shopify. oh yeah. and currently I'm on the starter tier while I figure out what I might need. A lack of support on this tier is also another reason i didn't initially go for it.

Rocksolid Audio
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2 de junho de 2023

Our small (5 employees) company switched from Hubspot to Gorgias about two months ago and we're very satisfied. Our customer service rep is absolutely thrilled with how easy to use and intuitive Gorgias is. The integration with Shopify was seamless and far more helpful than what we received from Hubspot. I especially love having the customers' entire purchase/contact history right next to their message - it makes it far easier to prioritize VIP customers!! We had one issue last month and unfortunately had to wait over an hour for assistance (hence the four stars), but I was assured it was due to a high number of tickets that day.

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Gorgias Inc deixou uma resposta 5 de junho de 2023

On behalf of everyone at Gorgias, we'd like to thank you for taking the time to review the service you're receiving and for choosing us in the first place. We truly cherish it. We'll do our best to keep up that way and strive to become even better (and quicker) so that we can get that 5th ⭐️ from you and your team.

13 de junho de 2023

Gorgias is our first ticketing system. We've used it for about a year and it's been a game-changer in managing customer issues. So much information at your fingertips, pulled in from Shopify. Recently I built a Help Center and Quick Replies; both excellent for efficiency. I had some final questions and the Gorgias Chat was not that helpful, nor did they answer timely. So I scheduled a Zoom session with a consultant - in 30 minutes Maria solved all my issues and my Help Center and automated replies were launched by end of day! I would give Maria 5 stars but overall this review is 4 given the delayed or opaque replies I have received from the Chat help, multiple times. That said I highly recommend Gorgias if you use Shopify. We have 9 people in our company-so you don't need to be big to benefit from this tool. I seriously cannot imagine running our business without Gorgias at this point. My husband and I are in a different place than our CS team. The ability to oversee customer issues, and manage escalations is amazing.

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Gorgias Inc deixou uma resposta 14 de junho de 2023

Thank you for taking the time to post such a thorough and detailed review of our service. When it comes to the feedback provided regarding our response time, please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused. We're truly thankful for it and we'll be keeping it in mind as a space where improvement can be made.

We value our customers and understand how important it is to offer exceptional service, and it's lovely to hear about your experience with Maria. She's a true ⭐️.

Once again, we're sincerely grateful for your feedback and for all of your understanding shown along the way. 🙏

4 de abril de 2023

We made the move from Zendesk a week ago and can already tell we made the right decision! From the onboarding to our internal reporting, this has felt like a huge upgrade. Features we were told about during our sales calls actually work in the way we hoped and we know as we learn more about the functionality, the more we will be happy with our switch. One of our main reasons to move was the Instagram integration Gorgias offers, we are thrilled to truly have our team on one screen, instead of bouncing around a bunch of apps!

Melanie Casey
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Gorgias Inc deixou uma resposta 5 de abril de 2023

A thousand thanks to you, Melanie! This kind of feedback is exactly what we love to see, and we’re sincerely pleased to hear that we’re delivering a 5-⭐️ service. Never ever forget that we’ll always have your back! 🤗

11 de julho de 2023

We downloaded and set everything up losing our whatsapp history in the process - the app is good but we would still need to go outside of the app to manage facebook group comments and others areas such as whatsapp ony being able to reply within 24 hours which doesnt work for us over the weekends - regrettably will need to find another solution

Reino Unido
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Gorgias Inc deixou uma resposta 13 de julho de 2023

Thank you for your feedback, Team. We truly appreciate it. 🙏

We've actually got some really good news for you. From 17th July, you'll be able to open or continue a WhatsApp conversation without worrying about the timeframe!

Please make sure to check your mailbox as you'll find an email including more details on what we've got in store for you and everyone using our WhatsApp integration.

Thank you so much for bearing with us while we improve! 🤗

28 de junho de 2023

We're a small company with only two CS agents. We've been on Gorgias for a few years now and recently switched our Voice service to their native VOIP solution, switching AWAY from Aircall. It was a great decision. Aircall was very difficult to work with, prone to hacking, and had pretty bad overall service. Gorgias has been great. Not only is the voice solution easier to use, but it also integrates SMS very cleanly, and Gorgias customer service is fantastic. Their porting team got our numbers ported over within mere days. Two thumbs up.

Meghan Fabulous
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Quase 3 anos usando o app
Gorgias Inc deixou uma resposta 29 de junho de 2023

We're so chuffed to hear that you find our service to be worthy of these shiny 5 stars from the very start. 🙏 Thanks a bunch for taking the time to post a review about the experience you've had with us so far. We'll do our best to continue to provide you with the same level of service and raise the bar even higher. ⭐️

P.S. Your Gorgias Crew is sending lots of love to your Fabulous Duo! 💛

14 de julho de 2023

We recently had an amazing experience with Gorgias! Their platform was incredibly user-friendly and efficient, making it easy to manage customer support needs. The team behind Gorgias was knowledgeable and helpful, providing great service whenever we needed assistance. We were impressed with how seamless the entire process was, from getting started with the platform to resolving any issues that came up. We would highly recommend Gorgias to anyone looking for a top-notch customer support solution. Thank you so much for all your help!

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4 meses usando o app
Gorgias Inc deixou uma resposta 18 de julho de 2023

Fantastic! ✨

Anytime, Team! What an honor to hear that you found both our Team and our platform to be truly great. We'll do our best to continue to live up to your lovely impression of us.

Feel free to contact us whenever you need our help or have questions for us, we'll be more than happy to assist you. 🤗

11 de setembro de 2023

A great solution for the multiple ways for the different ways customers communicate with our store.

Previously the setup was opening multiple different apps and URLS which was hard to keep track of with the multiple members of team unsure who has done what.

With Gorgias we have only 1 inbox now for our emails, chats, socials, Trustpilot and we can be sure all communication is answered efficiently and tracked well.

The automatiions are also a time savee with good spam detection, macros for quick replies and rules to assign tags and statuses.

The personalised onboarding and support are great also.

Highly recommended product.

The Fine Bedding Company
Reino Unido
7 meses usando o app
Gorgias Inc deixou uma resposta 18 de setembro de 2023

🌟 Thank you for your glowing review! 🌟

A single place that covers all your channels, automation features, and personalized support is what we're all about, and we're delighted that you've found them valuable.
Your recommendation means a lot to us, and we're here anytime you need assistance or have more feedback to share.

Cheers to smoother operations with Gorgias! 🚀

21 de agosto de 2023

Our company have utilised Gorgias for almost 3 years now. Our team have been loving Gorgias. Their customer support team have provided us with wonderful support and advise. Even when system has some trouble, the Gorgias team provides us with constant update and ensures that our issue is being resolved.

Will recommend Gorgias for their awesome service, system and intuitive app that make the customer service team life a blissful one :)

By Invite Only
Aproximadamente 3 anos usando o app
Gorgias Inc deixou uma resposta 23 de agosto de 2023

What to say... This is simply 🎶 to our ears.

Sharing your Gorgias journey with the world is invaluable to us and we'll be making sure to live up to your expectations at all times.

We sincerely look forward to having you onboard for many years to come. 💛

10 de abril de 2023

We are a small online store, but would rate Gorgias very highly. The App works great for our small team, making it easy to work together to swiftly resolve customer issues. Customer support has been excellent from Gorgias both with implementation, which we found quite easy and the ongoing support for when we need help. Rules and Macros have saved us loads of time, and the Self Service help desk is a great help too. Before we used a much cheaper app that did not have the functionality, but didnt have the investment. But we have spent more, but saved more time as we grow. We are glad to have made the move.

TAPP Water (Malta) Ltd
3 meses usando o app
Gorgias Inc deixou uma resposta 10 de abril de 2023

This is simply music to our ears. It is always a pleasure to learn that our hard work is recognized and appreciated by our customers. 🙏 We are sincerely grateful to you for choosing us in the first place and for sharing your story. Let's keep growing together! 💛 #TAPPHeroes