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7 de julho de 2023

It works fine! This is the third helpdesk app I worked with and I’m very pleased. It is deeply integrated with Shopify so you can do a lot from the help desk app, makes it great to work with. Also works fine with the Shopify contact form which was not the case with the earlier helpdesk apps. Great customer support.

Twinkles Dental Jewelry
5 meses usando o app
Gorgias Inc. deixou uma resposta 7 de julho de 2023

Thank you, team! 🙏

That's exactly what we strive to achieve and we are glad to learn that our efforts are reflecting that. Our Support Team is available 24/7, and they're always ready and more than happy to help with any query you may have. We hope you continue to enjoy Gorgias for many more years to come. 💛

18 de julho de 2023

There is a MASSIVE bug in Gorgias - Once you click "Send" or "Send and close," there's a popup that says "Message sent" along with a button that says "Undo." If you close the tab before that goes away, your message DOES NOT get sent or saved in drafts. You have to do it over! I've spent an afternoon plowing through tickets and now I have to do ALL of them over again.

Mais de 1 ano usando o app
Gorgias Inc. deixou uma resposta 24 de julho de 2023

Hi Team Biotikur!
Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! Your valuable input regarding the "Send and Close" feature has been passed on to the development team. Rest assured, your concerns are being taken seriously, and our dev team will continue working on improving the efficiency of the mentioned feature.
Your satisfaction is our top priority! We genuinely appreciate your candidness and are grateful for the opportunity to improve our product and ensure that your Gorgias experience is smooth and hassle-free. 🙏🏼

13 de julho de 2023

Gorgias is a user-friendly tool with extensive customization options. It has significantly improved my customer service efficiency. The Gorgias support team is highly responsive, and the automation features are valuable.

Stonebridge Imports
3 meses usando o app
Gorgias Inc. deixou uma resposta 18 de julho de 2023

We adore hearing that - what more could we ask for?

We'll do our best to keep up that way and raise the bar even higher. With us, you're always in a win-win situation - an amazing platform with a Support Team always ready to help.

Thanks so much for the shout-out, we truly appreciate it. 🙏

18 de junho de 2023

Always responsive. I may not get full resolution on my issue due to the technical nature of the problem BUT I am always kept updated with how the team are working on the problem. I can't really ask for more than that from the Helpdesk and Chat service. Nice one!

FRAHM Jacket
Reino Unido
Mais de 2 anos usando o app
Gorgias Inc. deixou uma resposta 19 de junho de 2023

Sharing your stories with us is what we love most, Team.

We will make sure to keep up the good work and become even better! 💪 In case there is anything we can additionally do for you, please let us know. Our Customer Support Team is always ready and more than happy to assist. 🤗

14 de novembro de 2023

They just won't stop sending spam emails. We asked multiple times to stop but still they continue. Don't know how they manage to get through the spam filter that I set up monthly to bnlock their email but they do. Bravo!

We tried using it and that is what we found:

1) Very expensive compare to available free or less expensive apps on the market
2) They don't take privacy seriously. The privacy and general terms links are not even linked or working on their website.
3) The functionality and the price model is a huge joke
) Their team is only good selling their product or unnerving potential customers regardless if they want it or not

Look for cheaper and better alternatives and you will certainly find some...

Steel Vintage Bikes
20 minutos usando o app
Gorgias Inc. deixou uma resposta 16 de novembro de 2023

Hi Steel Vintage Bikes!
We genuinely apologize for any frustration caused by the spam emails. We've swiftly unsubscribed you and are actively addressing this issue to prevent future occurrences. Your feedback on our website has been incredibly helpful, and we've fixed the link accessibility concerns. 🍀
Regarding pricing, we understand your perspective, and we're continuously working to provide the best value for the services offered.
Thank you for helping us improve! 🙏🏼

21 de junho de 2023

Moving from Zendesk to Gorgias has been the most wonderful experience!

It is so intuitively easy to use and this is so useful when training new staff members who have picked it up so quickly.

It has really transformed our customer service experience for both customers and our team - thank you so much for a fantastic product!!

Aproximadamente 1 ano usando o app
Gorgias Inc. deixou uma resposta 23 de junho de 2023

You simply couldn't have made a better choice, right? ✨

We're simply blown away by this phenomenal review! Learning how our platform has been such a game-changer for you and your team is so wondrous.

We'll do our best to keep up that way - to continue to live up to your lovely impression of us. 💛

3 de julho de 2023

Straight forward implementation and integration with existing Shopify Plus tech stack, ability to ingest or import tickets, macros etc from another platform and around the sun support that is truly second to none...what's NOT to love?!? Suspect we'll only be dipping our toes in the water as far as using the full suite of functionality but Gorgias allows our currently small team to ably handle enquiries, with room to grow. Highly recommended.

Koko Black Chocolate
Aproximadamente 2 meses usando o app
Gorgias Inc. deixou uma resposta 3 de julho de 2023

We so second that! 👍

It's highly rewarding to learn that you're genuinely satisfied with our platform and everything we're offering. Make sure to enjoy this journey and get used to this level of service, as we'll do our best to live up to your expectations in the future as well. ⭐️

7 de agosto de 2023

If you know how to navigate this enough, it will be a treasure specially with the price :) I just hope there will be live chats in whatever plans you have

Genius Games
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
Gorgias Inc. deixou uma resposta 9 de agosto de 2023

Thank you for your feedback, Team. 🙏

It's truly great to hear that you're pleased with us. Your suggestions are vital to us, as they allow us to further improve your journey. This being said, we'll be relaying your remark internally and we promise that we'll do our best to keep up the good work and earn that fifth ⭐️ from you.

Thank you!

19 de junho de 2023

Customer service through Gorgias is very responsive and they always have a solution. They also encourage feedback and I have seen the implementation of feedback given on multiple occasions.

Mais de 2 anos usando o app
Gorgias Inc. deixou uma resposta 20 de junho de 2023

That's surely what we're all about - an amazing platform and the Greatest Support Team. Thanks for confirming that we've achieved that, we truly appreciate it. 🤗

26 de junho de 2023

You can't "undo" when typing a whole email into their text box! When you decide, oh, I should save this and make it into a macro, so you select the whole email and mean to hit copy, but you hit paste instead, then the whole entire thing is GONE!!!! FOREVER!!!!!! THIS IS A BASIC EMAIL FUNCTION — UNDO!!!!

Ted's Brain Science
Estados Unidos
Quase 4 anos usando o app
Gorgias Inc. deixou uma resposta 27 de junho de 2023

Dear Team,

We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to leave this review and we're deeply sorry to read about your experience.

The aforementioned combinations should all work in Gorgias and we can confirm that the 'Undo' option is also available as one of the 'Gorgias Keyboard Shortcuts' functionalities if you go to 'Your Profile' settings. This being said, we've reached out to you via email on the next steps, as we'd like to investigate what might've been the root of this issue.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.