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Data de edição: 12 de julho de 2017


Used to be free but suddenly changed to a subscription of $30 a month for the standard plan. And that's only for 600 tickets - their basic plan. When enquiring they said they sent out emails, which I never received. I went back to check as I have a specific email just for shopify apps in this store - then they assumed and said the email just got 'lost'. Good that they let me cancel the subscription without paying for something I was never notified about.


CEO reached out to me promptly and helped with removing Gorgias from mobile. Rating changed to 5 while I see how this goes. Will be trialling it out as I installed it thinking it would be a great app.

The chat integration part of the app is not compatible with certain iPhones and had been having conflicting issues with other apps. This led to customers being unable to close the chat once opened on mobile view and instead would just close my shop. Since it was urgent, I asked them if it's possible to turn it off for mobile but their lack of English skills was evident by their responses which had nothing to do what I was asking for. I asked 3 questions and they only answered what they wanted to answer. Furthermore, they took their time responding even though I let them know it was urgent and it got to the point where their staff was incredibly rude, condescending and unhelpful about helping me uninstall the code. Very frustrating.

Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
14 de setembro de 2018

We use this app for email support and chat. We've tried a few different ones and Gorgias is probably the best. It's still missing some functionality though. To be completely honest, it seems as though the company is in growth mode and more focused on fundraising/growth than appeasing it's existing customer base. Feedback and response times on slower than average when compared to other apps, but I would still recommend this app.

Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
5 de junho de 2020

Software only works when an order comes in through the 'online store.' It does NOT integrate with external sales channels. DO NOT ADD THIS APP IF YOU SELL ON AMAZON, WALMART, EBAY, or ANY other external sales channel. It will not work.

Victory Garden
Estados Unidos
27 dias usando o app
13 de dezembro de 2017

Love this app!!!! So good as it pulls all customer care into the one place instead of using different apps, programs, sites!!

Integration was easy and quick, and the guys are AMAZING and so helpful!!

Thank you :)

1 dia usando o app
Data de edição: 3 de abril de 2019

I have loved my experience with Gorgias so far. I've used MANY helpdesks with MANY bells and whistles and I'm really excited about my decision to go with Gorgias. The interface is simple. Everything is condensed into one place. Integration took 5 minutes (which is truly unheard of) and the customer experience is exceptional. I've been working with (harassing) Aasif for the last few months and he is always kind, down to earth, and more than willing to help. He is there for technical support as well as general e-comm advice and for me, that was a key differentiator. I never felt like my experience was overly salesy- it always felt friend to friend. Gorgias is continuing to innovate and push the boundaries and I'm excited to see how we scale with them.

Estados Unidos
1 dia usando o app
31 de dezembro de 2019

Nikola Dimic provided excellent support yesterday!! But it can be difficult to get a hold of the customer success or live chat help sometimes

Balance Athletica
Estados Unidos
22 dias usando o app
24 de setembro de 2022

They care about profit more than the value they give to small businesses. I've heard many great things about them, and I was excited to try. Somebody contacted me after I had downloaded the app and told me they would be interested in getting on a call and go over the app and it's features. It sounded like a beneficent way to onboard a new customer into a pretty complicated app (at first glance atleast). I spoke to a charming salesperson, Zoran, who had told me about an onboarding specialist helping us set up and such.. But there was a catch, you had to sign up for their PRO plan that was in the ballpark of $300 a month. The first month was "free". There was no consideration for our business and how much we'd use it, even though I told them we wouldn't use that often in our non-busy season and once we got busier, MOST of our inquiries come from our Etsy channel. So it's very important that they have an Etsy channel integration. I emphasized that point numerous times. He said he'd look into it. I got out the call thinking that as nice as the guy was, he only cared about the sale more than anything else. We had a call in a week, and his attention to my top concern would provide a light whether my suspicions were true. As soon as we got on the next call, he said - and I think i'm paraphrasing here - "are you ready for the PRO plan!?". No mention of Etsy. It was just about making the sale. I called him out on the fact and said that there's no chance of us being on the PRO plan now for this year. That means no onboarding for us. The whole fake vibe of Zoran changed once he knew there would be no chance at us going on the Pro plan and pay $300 a month. The conversation swiftly ended after that because I mean, why talk to somebody who isn't paying your bills? For my fast growing business, I think we'd be better off using another provider that would care about building the relationship while we're small.

Estados Unidos
23 dias usando o app
Gorgias Inc. deixou uma resposta 3 de outubro de 2022

Hello Team.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We are sincerely sorry to hear that you haven't had the true Gorgias experience, and we’re truly disappointed to read your review as we know we can do better. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and we would like to show you how much we care.

Having checked your previous correspondence with our Team, we could see that there was a mention of several integrations which would be vital for your customer service that we, unfortunately, don't support at the moment. This being said, we always relay product feedback on our clients' end, since our Devs Team is tirelessly working on improving our existing, and introducing new features. Nevertheless, we'd love to send over some other recommendations on how to integrate some channels which could definitely help you reach your goals.

As for your correspondence with our Sales Team, we can assure you that everyone here at Gorgias hugely cares about our clients and the service that we provide from the very first moment.

Taking into consideration the size of your business, and its development mentioned on several occasions, we can assure you that we'll do our best to find the most suitable solution for you and your Team. We will make things right for you so that you can enjoy using Gorgias as soon as possible, and we will therefore reach out to you directly to discuss this matter further.

Once again, we're truly grateful for your feedback, and we hope that you'll give us the second chance to improve your experience with us.

6 de setembro de 2021

So far so good. Moved from Zendesk Chat to this and it's been quite a simple migration and looking forward to using all the features

Aproximadamente 17 horas usando o app
28 de novembro de 2018

God these guys! Alright, they spammed me multiple times to go review and so I'll do it. Love the idea of the app, but their own support is really so poor it makes me worry how anyone can use their app for support. If you want to use Android, don't bother-- there's no app AND the web integration is completely broken. (It's close but has a major bug where you can't type anything to respond.)

The CEO spams us with requests to review. I reply telling them their Android browser site is completely broken for responding to tickets-- I get two completely different people responding (not the CEO) and they're clueless as to what's going on or how to fix the issue. So they just say "use iOS" or something-- this is 2018, no idea why that's even possibly a response.

Then I get another spam from their CEO saying I should review the app. So here I am... I hope they're happy! Maybe he reads these?

Oh, and before I even tried Gorgias for real I asked them if they had a very simple feature via FB messenger-- I asked them if a customer could view their own tickets across different services or if they were left piecing it together from their chat logs/etc. Seems like an obvious help desk thing to do, right? Let customers see their own ticket history and responses, etc? (Just like what agents see, or perhaps cleaner...) but no, no such feature. Not the end of the world not to have a feature (I signed up anyway), but the support experience from them on Facebook was so bad. I realize now it's because they're using Gorgias itself and have multiple people responding. So the 1st person didn't understand what I was asking (hadn't seen a real helpdesk portal before I guess) and brushed me off--- then the 2nd person was confused, too. Finally I think that when I was fed up they put someone who was STILL confused, but at least was more cordial and finally understood what I was asking to tell me that, no, the novel feature of giving my VIP customers a way to see their ticket history wasn't something they'd thought of before (or didn't seem to have a desire to add). Like I said, not the end of the world not to have a feature like that-- perhaps I'll write it myself, but it should have tipped me off how bad their support quality is.

The app itself on desktop is fine-- though it has a long way to go to be easy to use. If you have a lot of tickets, the very flat view structure they have will limit you and get cluttered/confusing (as the defaults already are). A little more iconography or folders or something would go a long way. Rules and their integrations seem to work pretty well, so I can't really fault them there-- I think that will go okay, especially if they work to refine things.

But fundamentally if their own company can't even use the tool to create good support for their own tool, it really worries me that the entire premise of the tool is flawed for good support. It feels like whoever is on staff grabs any ticket and their goal is very rapid closing without actually solving issues-- and because the agent changes and they're rushed, they don't really engage at all to understand the question or issue.

TLDR: App has potential, but (1) their own customer service is responsive but dismissive/un-engaging/etc which makes me feel like their own tool doesn't lend itself to amazing customer service (or they don't understand good customer service enough to be building this app), (2) they have no feature to let customers follow their own ticket history (which is big for building long-term loyalty and is found in most ticket systems), and (3) they literally ignore one of the most popular browsers on earth (Android/Chrome) and are dismissive that it doesn't work when they don't have an Android app yet. Oh, and they'll spam you to review their app without even bothering to be sure you're satisfied.

Luxury Playstyle
Estados Unidos
13 dias usando o app
27 de setembro de 2017

This is the most helpful helpdesk that I have seen. We have been looking since around 2010 for something to aggregate all of our information into one spot for customer service, and this is the first thing I have seen that came close to making the grade! Integrates a suprising amount of information while still leaving it clear to view quickly. Very excited about this product!!!!!

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14 dias usando o app