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Hitter ‑ Dropshipping&Source

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Analyze market, Find products and dropship

Find right products

Find & source dropshipping products from Aliexpress.Then customize and add them directly to your store, in just a few clicks.

Match quality suppliers

Matching high-quality Chinese suppliers based on hot-selling products to obtain products with low prices and guaranteed quality.

Analyze hot stores and product

Guide you to grow business through data and information of hot-selling products and pricing strategies.

Hitter ‑ Dropshipping&Sourceの詳細情報

Hitter APP is a one-stop solution app that helps Shopify merchants analyze the market and find winning products easily. Everything you need for your dropshipping business is right here.

How Hitter APP Helps You Win:

Millions of High-Quality Products

Based on strong big data, Hitter APP enables dropshippers to find out the hot and potential products easily. By selecting high-quality AliExpress products for users, Hitter APP allows merchants to import these products to their stores in just a few clicks.

Analyze the market and stores

Know the market trends: Hitter APP helps you find out which categories of products are the consumers paying attention to recently, and which keywords are being massively searched.

Analyze other websites: Hitter APP lets you know which products are being promoted, and where did their traffic come from. By analyzing, merchants can better learn from these successful stores.

Product Sourcing

Hitter APP enables users to find high-quality AliExpress sources by entering the product's link or uploading the picture. By comparing different sources, merchants can easily select and sell them in just a few seconds.

Start for Free

Get access to all of the features that can bring your business to the next level by signing up. No credit card is needed here.

Product Editor

Users obtain automatically products' descriptions, pictures, and other parameters after importing them. Hitter APP also supports editing, which allows merchants to further optimize the products' descriptions. A true time-saver for e-commerce merchants.

Multi-store Management

Manage multiple stores on the Hitter APP platform.

Powerful Pricing Rules

Once the user has set a pricing rule, the products will automatically price themselves after being imported.

Order Fulfillment

Place AliExpress orders in one click. The orders' numbers, products' status, and tracking numbers will be synchronized and automatically to your store.

Free Chrome Extension

Import any product from AliExpress and place orders without bothering to download the application.





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Buy Cameras

Amazing app! Import products by one click, and the imported products can be modified/published multiple times, which is the only app has this function!



Hi there. So happy to hear you are enjoying Hitter and we're happy you have been able to save time so that you can focus on other aspects of your business that need attention. Thank you so much for giving us feedback.

Camera Accessories

I loved the app, service is excellent! the app worked perfectly in the store, I was able to find good products with it! This App is grade 10



Sorry for the inconvenience. May I know what products that you cant import from the AliExpress? To express our apologies, we will customize the service for you. For more inquiries, please contact us in hittersupport@hitterapp.com


The thing I like the most about this app is the possibility to explore many new products to sell in my store