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I've been using this app for a while now, but there are a few things that seem kind of questionable. First, we don't use it for our payroll, but all of my staff keeps receiving notices about receiving some of their paycheck early through the app. Second, our accountant has received some strange emails from one of the owners who's not even in the Homebase system. I'm a little nervous about those 2 issues, but it really is a great system and it's very easy to use. We will continue to monitor everything, but as we don't have any bank/payment information tied to it. I have not seen any benefits to using Homebase as an app through Shopify. Apparently, you have to upgrade to the $40/mo plan to see any of that information, and we're just not interested in paying that much for that service.

Party World
Homebaseが返信しました 2021年6月21日

Thank you for your review!

1. We recently launched a new product for employees to easily get cash. This is separate from the payroll that you run for your customers.

2. If your accountant has their name on another Homebase account, they will likely receive emails from another owner if they help that account as well. It allows the accountant to manage all of their accounts in one spot.

You are totally welcome to continue using our robust free plan. That is why it is there and why we offer a free integration!


The app seems to be pretty straightforward but every once in a while there are some glitches. Besides that it get's the job done and that's what matters.

The Sparkly Pig
Homebaseが返信しました 2021年6月29日

Thanks for your review! We are constantly working on improving our product so the more feedback on where you find it to be glitchy, the better.


Wish we could see more info in the actual app as opposed to just the website. Would be great to see a "week at a glance" type thing where everyone's shifts are visible etc... Other than that, works well and seems to do what we need it to. Would be great to have a clock in, clock out feature in the actual Shopify App instead of always having to open the Homebase app.

Nick Kuchar Art & Design Co.
Homebaseが返信しました 2021年6月21日

Thanks for the review Nick! You can download Homebase as a widget within Shopify POS and the best place to see your week at a glance is from your mobile phone!


The app itself is really helpful and I like using it. When I initially uploaded the app it forced me to sign up for two of my store locations when I only use this app for one. I couldnʻt figure out how to downgrade my plan to one store. I called support during my free demo period and was told that they would downgrade my plan. That was back in January. Since then Iʻve sent multiple emails for which I was told that they were working on it. The original rep I was working with, although nice, wasnʻt great in following up and communicating with updates...however, since recently speaking to a manager, I have a bit more understanding and confidence that the issue will be resolved. Other than this support glitch, I really like the app, and it's been helpful in managing schedules and time keeping.

KoaWood Ranch
Homebaseが返信しました 2022年4月15日

We are very sorry to hear about the trouble you have been having. Our team is working to get this resolved for you.


We have been using Homebase for scheduling and tracking hours, and have enjoyed it so far! It had a slight learning curve, but was not hard to figure out. We are excited for when we can clock in/out of Homebase from our Shopify account.

Merriment On Main
Homebaseが返信しました 2020年8月18日

Thanks for your review! Glad you were able to figure Homebase out. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible so in the future, if there are any questions/concerns, our team will be here for you!