Honeycomb: Partnership Network

Honeycomb: Partnership Network

作成: Honeycomb Commerce

Enter into product partnerships with like-minded brands

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Partner with likeminded brands

Decide to sell products with no inventory commitments, share inventory with leading stores or do both!

Manage relationships with ease

No more brittle integrations for importing products & inventory. We’ve eliminated the hassle with managing orders, returns and taxes.

Expand your brand’s footprint

Get creative! Showrooming and selling your product as part of a “Complete The Look” experience are all possible along with other use cases.

Honeycomb: Partnership Networkの詳細情報

Honeycomb is the first fully integrated network for product partnerships.

Our two-sided network allows like-mined brands to exchange product catalogs and online storefront space with each other. On Honeycomb, you can decide to sell your partner’s products, offer your products to be sold on another partner’s site or do both!

Why join our network?

It’s elevated

Our curated network features only elevated brands and stores. Partner with other leading digitally native brands and properties. You won’t be finding any fidget spinners to sell here.

It’s seamless

“Fully integrated” means we take all the pain away from managing the relationship between you and your partner. No more brittle integrations for importing products and inventory. We’ve eliminated the hassle with managing orders, returns and taxes.

Our platform enables commerce to flow seamlessly between online brands. Think of us as the switchboard that allows two Shopify admins to connect and have commerce flow between them.

How it works:

Step 1: Apply to the Network

Apply for admission to our network of elevated brands and stores. Just install our Shopify app (no dev work required) and fill out your store profile to apply.

Step 2: Initiate A Partnership

Once approved, explore our network to find the very best brand partners. In each partnership, there is a Supplier and a Retailer. We have set default revenue sharing percentages for each side of the partnership, but these are negotiable by both parties.

Step 3: Add Products and go live!

The Supplier decides which products to make available. The Retailer can then automatically insert any of these products into their Shopify storefront and set them live for selling.

When partner products are sold on a Retailer’s site, Honeycomb does three things immediately:

  1. Automatically injects a new order for the purchase into the Supplier’s Shopify admin for fulfillment.

  2. Communicates to the customer on the Retailer’s behalf to let them know that a trusted partner will be fulfilling their order and will be in touch with shipment confirmation details.

  3. Sends payment to the Supplier for the order.

Should a customer want to return a product to the Supplier, we note when an order is returned in the Supplier’s Shopify admin and automatically credit back the customer through the Retailer’s order and reverse our commission.

Join us as we build the next great sales channel together!



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Network Access


External charges may apply. These charges are billed by the external provider and won’t appear on your Shopify invoice.

  • Monthly access to our network of elevated brands (subject to approval)

  • Real-time synching of products, inventory, orders and payments

* すべての料金は米ドルで請求されます。 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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We initially launched with Honeycomb to offer our product on other sites, however, a few months into it we decided to use the app to also carry other brands. So far, the experience has been great on both the retailer and supplier front. Their team is extremely responsive and helpful, which makes it easy to recommend to other partners!


We are using this app with our site to partner with our retailers and also partner with suppliers of goods. The app has been fairly easy to set up, the orders coming through have been seamless, and the support team has been very responsive. All in all a great experience with the app so far!