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This app initially looked like it will fit the requirements we needed. There support is fast on live chat, however the reason I gave it a one star is that there support were not able to offer any customisation other than what you can edit in the admin panel.

I was told there is a CSS and JS box to add custom details, however if you do not know CSS and JS this is pointless. I was also told that they manage over 10,000 stores and that they couldn't offer customisation on every store.

Its a shame because all the good reviews on the app say that Lynda did a great job setting everything up and customising the app for there stores. This was not the case for us.

I needed a couple of custom features on the pop up and I was told that the majority of them are not possible. So this was not a good fit for us this time around, however maybe a good fit for your site.

Yoga Studio Store
Conversion Bearが返信しました 2023年1月13日

* This review is made by an account which used the app less than 80 minutes in total *

The merchant demanded that we develop specific new app features just for his account, free of charge and in an immediate manner.

We clearly communicated some of the requests are not technically possible to implement - which in turn resulted in a vindictive one star review.

Requests included custom button actions, none existent text elements and more. These type of new features usually take weeks to build, test and release.

It is right to say Honeycomb serves 10,000 stores.

As such, each feature request is added to a feature wishlist. We build common feature requests first, to serve our customers the best way possible.

We can not pause hundreds of other feature requests due to a single, very specific and none existing feature request. If we did, it will impact other requests in the queue and ultimately will be harmful towards all of our other customers.

For none currently supported custom functions and integrations, we offer a built in CSS and JS options, including a full fledged SDK: https://support.apphub.com/en/articles/6268642-honeycomb-js-sdk

I believe Honeycomb is one of a very few apps which enables merchants to further enhance the app to meet custom needs.

During the short amount of time the app was installed on Yoga Studio Store account, we provided the following support:

- Created custom funnels on behalf of the merchant, based on a verbal description only.

- Our designer applied a custom visual design to match the store brand, including importing custom font weights.

- Preformed a troubleshooting session to verify the funnels are working as expected.

In terms of features - Honeycomb has the most robust design settings and funnel settings in the app store, successfully used to generate tens of millions of dollars in cross-sell and upsell revenue by some of Shopify's biggest brands.

We deliver best in class support and are eager to solve any issue our customers face - big or small. 453 five star reviews will testify to that.

GM @ Conversion Bear


Absolutely HORRIBLE app. DO NOT TRUST the majority of these reviews as they are 100% paid.

- The support for this app is TERRIBLE. I spoke with Abuzar today and he is one of the worst reps I think I've spoken to with regards to Shopify Apps. He simply copied and pasted an article which didn't help, made a few statements, and then just disappeared. Incredibly incompetent.

- I couldn't even get the app to work with my store and I tried everything. They also have a looooong list of apps (most of them I'm sure you are using) that don't work with Honeycomb, which typically means it's not coded very well.

I would recommend Zipify OCO over of this app. They have MUCH better support and an app that actually works.

PetPal Place
Conversion Bearが返信しました 2023年6月22日

Hi there,
I understand you had a conversation with our Abuzar yesterday and may have been frustrated due to Abuzar's connection issues, during which has was unable to respond. We strive to offer our customers the best service we possibly can. Over 470 five-star reviews say it all.

I would like to reiterate that your claim of fake reviews is false. Conversion Bear has been active for over two years and our 120,000 merchants across 14 apps are testament to the success of our business. We will not risk this success by faking reviews - every single five-star review is a result of our hard work and great product.

I have personally taken the time to troubleshoot all the funnels on your account and have invested multiple hours to answer every question and address every concern you raised. Funnels are working as expected, as demonstrated during our conversations.

If you’re still not convinced that Honeycomb is the right solution for you, I’d be more than happy to use my expertise to help you find a use case where it could generate extra revenue - like it has done for many other Shopify-based businesses.

On a related note, we understand that not everything can go perfectly every time due to the extensive variety of Shopify themes and apps. That’s why we’re here to help you resolve any issues and ensure you are satisfied. We both know how important customer service is to running a business - I think that’s something on which we can agree.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions or concerns. Our team is here for you.

GM @ Conversion Bear


just terrible. The app doesnt work with its partner app bundle bear if you are using bundle discounts it just doesnt work support is terrible too!

Cali Tiger
Conversion Bearが返信しました 2021年7月11日

Hi there,
Our tech team was able to trace the root cause of the issue you mentioned.
The issue is caused by leftover code of an app called Personizely. It's not related to any of our apps script.

Bundle Bear and Honeycomb work perfectly together.

Honeycomb is ranked as a top 3 upsell app in Shopify and is powering over 10,000 stores (including a few household brands).

We deliver best in class support and are eager to solve any issue our customers face - big or small.

353 five star reviews will vouch for that.

As the app generated over $50,000,000 for our customers, I'm sure it can increase Cali Tiger's revenue as well.

Our team is at your service.

Founder @ Conversion Bear


The app is not performing well. Tried to install the app multiple times but getting the same error - Request origin could not be verified.

Conversion Bearが返信しました 2020年12月23日

This review is suspected to be foul play by our competitors. We have gathered relevant information and followed up with the Shopify app store abuse team. Given our attorney's advice, we can not disclose more details other than the ones stated below.


It seems you decided to post two 1-star reviews from two different stores you own.

The two consecutive reviews were posted in a well planned but poorly executed coordinated effort in a matter of minutes.

If you had such a bad experience - why would you install the app again on another store other than acting with premeditated malicious intent?

What strikes me the most is that it took less than a minute from the moment you installed our app in both stores until the moment you posted your allegedly false, foul play review.

We've contacted the Shopify app store abuse team and shared all the information we collected.


Honeycomb is ranked as a top 3 upsell app in Shopify for the last few months.

Our customers make an extra of $87-$36,748 / month per store.

We deliver best in class support and are eager to solve any issue our customers face - big or small.

273 five star reviews will testify to that.

As reference, you can just read the review right below this one.


I understand the Shopify App store is becoming a highly competitive landscape.

Shopify's search engine app ranking is primarily based on reviews.

That said, there's absolutely no room for false reviews that are intended to intentionally hurt other businesses.

Founder @ Conversion Bear


I would give this app negative stars if I could. I spent time meticulously setting up multiple funnels, customizing every detail, constantly checking the preview for accuracy and watching every single training video just to have the funnels not even work. I also went through every trouble shooting step to fix the error and it still did not work. Waste of time and effort, I prefer apps that actually work.

Conversion Bearが返信しました 2020年11月8日

Another script in your storefront is blocking the app from showing - this one: spurit.global-2.x.min.js.

It seems to be leftover dead code in your theme.liquid file.

Once it's removed - funnels work instantly.

I wish there was a technical way around it.

The spurit code is taking over the "checkout" button click, blocking our app from showing.

This type of situation is heavily covered in our faq and chat troubleshooting documents.

That said, I'm sorry you had a bad first experience.

I really appreciate your time and effort creating upsell funnels.

You trusted us enough to carve out time and take a peek into what we’re working on.

I don’t take that trust lightly.

I will be happy to set up the app for you right away and recover any lost work.

I can assure you that the app is working, and working well.

Over 7,000 stores of all sizes use it daily to generate more sales.

By now, Honeycomb has generated over $10M in upsell revenue for our customers.

We process a new upsell order every minute, 24/7.

I'm sure using Honeycomb could result in more sales for your business as well.

Always here to help.