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We decided to try Horse as a replacement for Stocky and are glad we did. It has all of the features we need as well as a bonus or two (ie bundles is a recently added feature that provides inventory management of bundles just exactly the way we need.) Horse is built around the familiar Shopify interface so the learning curve has been minimal. The few questions we've had have been answered quickly, effectively and in an above and beyond fashion. We really appreciate the high level of support and ongoing dedication to the development of the product. It's been a great addition to our toolbox.

The Christmas Light Emporium

If you are trying to use an inventory management app for your B2C and B2B websites, look no further. We have been running 2 websites for 4 years with trouble at each turn with apps that can't read returns/ order edits etc...

Not only is Horse insanely easy to use (so easy, you think it isn't going to do anything ) It's also got some great features for low stock and reordering that we are looking forward to using. Our store has over 1600 variants, so any intelligence on the matter is helpful.

Marc was an excellent resource for getting us trained up on his app, and was available and ready to help troubleshoot during install. Highly recommend.

Dreamers Wholesale

We love this app! Marc is so helpful! He is very quick to respond when we have questions and he fixes bugs right away when we notice them.
We got this app initially so we could see our whole # of inventory across every location at once, which Shopify lacks in.
It was all super easy to set up and get used to. It's intuitive, which I appreciate.
The projection features are nice and make reordering a breeze.
5/5 would recommend.

Flags For Good

This app has made a significant difference in our ability to manage inventory across multiple store fronts. All the other apps we tried never were able to adequately sync products and sales. The team at Horse is responsive and helpful, always working to find a solution for our store. Additionally, they continue to invest in building out the app to provide more robust solutions. There was a bit of a learning curve (completely on our team) but as mentioned before, a quick email to the Horse team and we were provided the assistance we needed.

Sinclair DINO Store

Marc has been absolutely fantastic in helping us get set up with this app! Would definitely recommend!

Clear Jelly Stamper

We were looking for an easy to use inventory forecasting software to help with business issues such as stockouts, how much to reorder, etc and after vetting several different programs we landed on Horse.

Horse is simple, yet powerful. Directly integrated with Shopify, set-up time is less than a day and learning the software will come quickly to anyone who uses it.

It does what it says and the Notion document for describing how things work is straight-forward and easy to read.

The shining star of Horse though is Marc, the founder. He is the customer service department, so when you email Horse, you're emailing Marc and he has been so prompt, professional, and responsive to every email. He just wants his users to love Horse and will do anything to make that happen.

If you're looking for exactly what Horse is described as, download it now! You won't regret it.

EquipmentShare Parts Store

Inventory management is really the hardest part of having a retail shop. We have been downloading apps for the last year looking to find the perfect one that fits our business. Horse has made this possible, is easy to use, and does what it says. The support we got from Marc...what a guy! Responded to our emails immediately, he was friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend Horse.

Adtitude Sport

I'm very pleased to rate this app highly. Marc has been extremely helpful in adding the features to the app that I needed. As a small business with lots of SKU's I was looking for an app that gets the basics right and was affordable, and now that it has been updated with new features, this app does the just perfectly. I very much hope they will continue to add useful features to make a great app even better.

Benson & Clegg

I just want to say I am getting to like Horse app more and more each day! I have a lot of sku's and as I was just starting out, needed something easy and affordable. We also order from overseas, so knowing when to order is crucial. Thank you for this great app!


Excellent app that does exactly what I need. Easy to navigate and comprehend. Now we can get our stock levels right, it makes inventory management a breeze. Also quick and helpful support by Marc.