Hot Selling Notification

Hot Selling Notification

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August 10, 2022

#Hot Selling Notification: Goal The goal is to show the product’s status on the product page like how many times that particular product has been sold in a specific time frame. #Setting Page * We are giving a setting page to the store owner from where he can set some conditions and on the basis of conditions we'll gonna show the Notification on the product page. * Hot Selling Notification App Status is a button that shows behavior Where you want to show a notification or not. If you want to...

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30 novembre 2022

Very quick installation, and easy to communicate with the team. Thank you! Definitely recommend it based on my experience so far. I love this app.

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6 novembre 2022

This app has been a huge help to our team here. It provides us with daily insights and the setup process was super smooth and easy. Highly recommend to any teams big or small!

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4 novembre 2022

Love how the interface is very clean, how the app is very lightweight, and very effective, The installation is quick and seamless and the alerts are very smooth. Shout out to the team!
Highly recommended.

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August 10, 2022

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