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Bewerkt 13 juli 2018

I want to give Hypervisual 4.5 not 4 stars but we can't do halves. The tool itself is great and makes your landing pages look good, I have some suggestions for them I will send related to product and cart flow. The team is very responsive, they do though work on US time so don't expect support at night which is the only bummer.

So everything was great and I really like Hypervisual and recommend it BUT

I started running ads on FB / Google and all of the sudden today/yesterday the pages stopped working (went blank). I initially wrote that this happened only for 30 min but now I realize it went on for at least a whole day based on my FB ad stats...I'm still figuring out if this cost me any money or just the stats are off which is just as bad as your ads get ranked based on that.

It might have been a server issue at Hypervisual? Team, is that possible? As then around 12am PST everything was back to normal? No way to copy/paste content from one landing page campaign to another, only version control.

This is an issue, especially when you pay for ads. I was wondering why things were off in my ad manager but didn't realize it was the landing pages until that day's evening hours. No email alert gets triggered, nothing, so it has affected my stats with my CTRs are lower as it shows that the impressions kept going but there were no clicks...sure...because FB needs to track a pixel trigger on the actual pages to track. grrrrrr then things went back to normal. I almost started redirecting all of my ads to other links which would've been at least 2 hrs of work with the amount of ads I'm running.

Will figure this out with the Hypervisual team because I do like the app but I can't have the landing pages I create go blank without an alert email. That's just bad when running paid ad campaigns. Will update on this later.

Rowphysio Shop
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Bewerkt 21 april 2019

I really liked this app and how easy it is to use...
They could make a huge improvement to it by having a template builder in the app... So rather than build out each and every page over and over again, you just build you design the once save it as a template and then when you want your next page just click on the template add your text and images...
This is why 4 stars and Not 5 Stars... Sorry, I'm a Tough Critic...
I have tried the following Page builders
GemPages - The worst Customer Service I have experienced in being on the internet for over 18 years... 1 Star AVOID AT ALL COSTS... They have a lot of 5 Star Reviews Because they pressure their customers to leave Only 5 Star Reviews by Emails by Phone Calls and Threats...
Zipify - Great Builder But Bloody Expensive...
Buildify - Another Drag and Drop, but Nowhere as easy as Hypervisual
Shogun - Another Good Builder - But Very Very Long Winded... Takes a long time to build out Pages, If You have a Lot of Pages To Build, Steer Clear...
So to Summerise - If you want a Quick Easy Page Builder - Go for Hypervisual...

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Sunset + Lincoln heeft geantwoord 21 april 2019

Thanks for the review!

Good point re saved templates. You can do something similar right now -- create a new page for your 'template' designs and save it, then set the page as 'hidden' inside Shopify.

Now whenever you create a new page in Hypervisual, use Tools > Copy From Another Page, choose your template page above and you can then tweak the text/images and save. But we should and will make this easier :-)