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This is by far the best sticky add to cart app on the Shopify app store. I needed a custom-designed sticky add to cart, something a little sophisticated. I tried Globo and another app, I reached out to their devs to see if they can help me with it, Globo offered to do 50% of the customizations for $59 USD. However, I reached out to 9 app devs in the Shopify app store, and the only ones that were able to do 100% of these customizations within 24h were the guys at IT Coders. And the best part about it is... They did it for free. Some of the customizations were:
1. Showing the price next to add to cart text inside the button. It worked well with my currency converter app.
2. Adding custom promotional text with hover effects next to the add to cart.
3. Making the button disappear when the main page's add to cart button is visible.
4. Adding movement to the button to match exactly the movement I used on my main add to car. I also needed to hide some elements on the mobile version of it, and they helped me with that, and the responsivity of the sticky button. This is by far the best app if you need something that stands out and that is not offered by other apps.


Finally a GOOD add-to-cart sticky app. Very cheap and has more features than a lot of apps out there. Customize how you want, and it looks good.

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