ICONX ‑ Too Many Widgets?

ICONX ‑ Too Many Widgets?

da The Scorpio Lab

Condense all your annoying widgets into "1" powerful icon!

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This is something all websites needs to be GDPR compliant and we wanted to let everyone use this FREE of charge!


Create a quick mini menu to help customers find top information. Proven to increase revenue by making the most important info easy to find.


Helping online stores with onsite marketing and getting the most important information to your customers quicker and easier!

Su ICONX ‑ Too Many Widgets?

Is your website overloaded with widgets? Are you an app hoarder?

Many stores have a review app, an email pop up app, chat/support app, rewards program, scroll to the top button and other annoying in your face widgets/pop ups - having TOO many distractions will hurt your conversions, turning customers away leaving you with a high bounce rate. SO STOP THE MADNESS & DON'T SCARE YOUR CUSTOMERS AWAY!

We've built ICONX to eliminate the clutter and condense all your apps into "1" powerful icon. Our customers see an increase in conversion rate, lower bounce rate and happier user experience.

Our Top Feature

To further draw attention to your soon to be customers, you can add a notification to any icon(s), your visitors will be drawn to this and can't help to click to view why they have an alert. NOW YOUR VISITOR IS ENGAGING WITH YOUR WEBSITE, READY TO TAKE MORE ACTION!

What is ICONX?

ICONX is helping online stores become GDPR compliant absolutely free! We will never charge for our "GDPR NOTE" feature and made sure it will look great on your store.

We also carefully coded and designed the "Quick, Lite, Handy, Mini, Smart" Thumb Zone Navigation Menu - helping online stores with onsite marketing and getting the most important information to your customers quicker and easier!

Installs instantly

No coding required, simply click the "Get" button and you are all set. Just sit back and kick up your feet while you breeze through the set up.

Taylor made to look great

Out of the box we created a beautiful layout for your shop, but feel free to customize the look and feel of the icons. Lots of features can be adjusted to your preference, such as display text, color pallet, icon design, link to address or image and much more.

Most Commonly Used Saved Preset Icons

  1. Account - Link to your store account log in page
  2. Blog - Link to your blog
  3. Cart - Link to your cart and display number of items in cart in real time
  4. Chat - Link to your contact page or chat url & Coming Soon Connect Via API
  5. Compare - If your theme has a compare page you can link the url
  6. Contact - Link to your contact page
  7. Facebook - Link to your Facebook page
  8. FAQ - Link to your FAQ page
  9. Instagram - Link to your Instagram page
  10. New Products - Link to your new products on a collection page
  11. Phone - Link to your contact page
  12. Reviews - Link to your review page & Coming Soon Connect Via API
  13. Rewards - Link to your rewards page & Coming Soon Connect Via API
  14. Sale - Upload a banner image or link to your sale page
  15. Search - Link to your search page
  16. Shipping - Link to your shipping page
  17. Up - Scroll to the top
  18. Wishlist - Link to your wishlist page
  19. Adding More Preset Icons & Connecting To More Apps Via API

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Free Plan


  • 1. Free Forever GDPR Compliancy App
  • 2. Easy & Quick Auto Install
  • 3. Full Customer Service
  • 4. Customizable Look & Feel
  • 5. 2 Free Menu Icons

Standard Plan


o $5/mese fatturato a $60 una volta all'anno

  • 1. Unique Thumb Zone Navigation Menu
  • 2. Easy & Fast Install
  • 3. A+ Customer Support
  • 4. Fully Customizable Design
  • 5. Responsive Across All Devices

Premium Plan


o $10/mese fatturato a $120 una volta all'anno

  • 1. Advanced Analytics
  • 2. API Integration
  • 3. Animated Button
  • 4. Visibility Shadow

* Tutte le spese sono fatturate in USD.
** Le addebiti ricorrenti, comprese le spese per utilizzo o mensili, sono fatturate ogni 30 giorni.

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Fenris Workshop

The app was not loading at first, and I reach out to their support. They quickly help me solved the issue and now it loads and work without issue.


Great app. Simple to use and understand, the dashboard is intuitive and user friendly. Was able to get started in a couple of minutes. Highly recommended!

Risposta dello sviluppatore

20 marzo 2020

We appreciate the time you took to write us a review about your experience! Thanks X 100!

BB Buggy

App is working great! the mini menu works very well and easy to navigate for mobile customers. It is definitely a good app to improve conversion.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

23 agosto 2019

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review, this means a lot to us! 🙏