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4. heinäkuu 2023

Customer support top notch, followed up with me with 5 mins & support & issue which was my mistake, popup blocker resolved. Thank you guys.

A Hand Tailored Suit
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8. maaliskuu 2023

Very satisfied with this app. It does exactly what we want it to do. Also of note is that the support is outstanding. We had an issue and they resolved in a couple of hours. No fuss, no hassle, just great fast support. I wish other app developers would provide this level of service.

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21. joulukuu 2022

I've been using Enorm Image Gallery for a couple of years. Recently I accidentally deleted a theme I shouldn't have, and even though I'm on the free plan, Enorm responded to my help request very quickly and resolved the issue. Saved me a lot of headaches! This is a great app if your theme doesn't have built-in gallery features, and possibly even if it does, since Enorm's support is so great.

Julie Witmer Custom Map Design
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3. helmikuu 2023


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28. kesäkuu 2018

Best tech support you can get, pretty much instant and go above and beyond to do what needs doing.

Hexi Australia
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26. kesäkuu 2017

You get what you pay for! I had tried a few free gallery apps and it was a disaster. Days of work lost. So I decided to give this a try. An incredible, unbeatable buy for the money. Outstanding capabilities, clean, fresh, and easy to use interface, and a gallery that looks and functions great for an incredible price. And the support! And problems we've had have either been solved within minutes or at worst overnight. They are responsive, polite, intelligent, and great to work with.

Just use the app. Its awesome.

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9. huhtikuu 2017

This is one of the best app companies I have ever worked with. Scratch that. Not one of the best, THE best. I never leave reviews (I know.... sorry people) but really in this case I must.

At first I had a few issues with some of the UI and asked if they could help -- and they went so above and beyond with my requests -- usually within minutes. I am so happy with this elegant app and cannot say enough about the responsive and competent customer service.

I'm still working on setting up our gallery, so it's not live in our store yet, but here is a link to it so far so you can see it in action:


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Muokattu 2. marraskuu 2017

Super easy to manage and super helpful customer support. There is room to develop the look and feel of the application but as it stands, a great app.

*I wish more apps had a one time purchase.


*Revised: The team have helped me greatly, awesome guys. Would recommend to anyone!


Other Uk
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6. huhtikuu 2017

Incredibly impressed with this Ap. We have found it really hard to find a simple clean square tiled gallery. With nice pop ups that can scroll. Love it and excellent service from the team. Highly recommend.

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Muokattu 22. marraskuu 2017

Five Stars fall short of what this product deserves. Look, the best product in any industry is only as good as the CUSTOMER SUPPORT behind it. We have all purchased products in the past only to regret it later because of poor or non-existent support. Believe me, with this app you will never ever have to worry about support. It's personalized and they are ALWAYS available to help you with anything. Seriously, this App truly deserves a place in your store. Not only is their support outstanding but the product itself is a necessity in any store that wants to stand out amongst the competition. When it comes to custom image and video galleries, you won't find a better option that does not slow down your website. Check out what some other stores have done with the app and you will see what I mean.

Update Nov 21st: Now that they have taken this app a step further by including video galleries with custom thumbnail images, it really brings this app to the forefront. One thing that really stands out the most in these reviews is the consistent mention of how good their CUSTOMER SUPPORT is. These are accurate statements as I have experienced their high level of communication and assistance with any question you may have. And, for the small price they charge, it makes any web page come to life. That's how a good business becomes a great one. Keep up the good work guys.

E Mallstores
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