Image Compress and Watermark

Image Compress and Watermark

door Invenire Analytics

Unlimited and Automatic Image Compression and Watermarks

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Get faster store & better SEO

Compress images to make your store load faster and improve SEO. Add logos or watermarks to your images to protect your brand.

Unlimited & Fast

Compress and add watermarks to your images. Paid plans include Unlimited image modifications for your store.

Fully Automatic

Quick and easy. Set it up once, and have your images automatically optimized in the background. Ideal for large stores.

Over Image Compress and Watermark

Faster store - Improved SEO - Protect your branding - All Automatic

Automatic image compression and watermarks in the background with no manual effort. Rest ensured that your images are optimized automatically whenever you make changes in Shopify. A fast loading store is proven to give a better visitor experience and happier customers.

With features like bulk processing and automatic optimization of new images, Image Compress and Watermark let you spend less time manually optimizing your images and more time on working on improving your business.

Ideal for large stores

Having your image optimizations (compression, watermarks, etc) running automatically in the background will save you lots of time - especially if you have a large image catalog. Put your image handling and optimizations on autopilot.


  • Image Compression - Compress your Images for smaller file sizes - Smaller images equals faster page loads on your site - faster pages = better conversion rates. On average our compression reduces the size of your images with 10-40% with no visible loss of quality.

  • Watermark - Add text or image-based (like logos) watermarks to your images to protect them and to keep them on brand.

  • Process in Bulk - Apply changes to individual images directly, or save huge amounts of time by processing multiple images in bulk.

  • Set and forget - Set your options for optimization and let Automatic Image Optimizer run this automatically for all newly uploaded images in an auto run job.

  • Restore - At any time you can restore a modified image back to its original state.

  • Easy to use - Our easy to use editor makes it easy to add multiple changes before applying.

  • Simple and reasonable pricing for an unlimited number of transformations.

  • Quick Support - For any inquiries or feedback, simply reach out to our friendly support team.




Free Plan

Gratis te installeren

Transformations/edits in bulk are charged on a per image basis

  • Up to 50 free single image edits
  • Pay as you go bulk transformations at $0.02 per image (capped at $100)

Basic Plan


of $5.83/maand, gefactureerd voor $70 eenmaal per jaar

  • Unlimited Image Optimisations
  • For stores with up to 5,000 images
  • Run Optimisations automatically
  • Restore to original images

Advanced Plan


of $16.67/maand, gefactureerd voor $200 eenmaal per jaar

  • Unlimited Image Optimisations
  • For stores with up to 50,000 images
  • Run Optimisations automatically
  • Restore to original images

Plus Plan


of $41.67/maand, gefactureerd voor $500 eenmaal per jaar

  • Unlimited Image Optimisations
  • For stores with more than 50,000 images
  • Run Optimisations automatically
  • Restore to original images

* Alle kosten worden in USD gefactureerd. Terugkerende kosten, inclusief maandelijkse of op gebruik gebaseerde kosten, worden elke 30 dagen in rekening gebracht.

2.3 van 5 sterren

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I purchased one time fee to edit all my images at once. There is no way to try different colors or sizes of watermarks, so after I installed it my watermark wasn't visible on most of my items. Also too small. I couldn't edit either of the issues and when contacting customer care two times I got" Let me see what the issue is"... Deleted app. Not worth it. :(

My Custom Tee Party

I thought this app would be great for what it offered and the price. Unfortunately it did not work for me. It loaded my pictures and collections but the preview of the photos did not work and it would not process any for compression or for watermarking. I needed something that would work right away so I was not able to have their team try to fix which is why I am giving 3 stars because if they could get it to work it would be great. I just couldn't afford the time to wait to hear back. I asked for a refund as well as it did not work and there was no trial period. Updated Never heard back from them and was charged and no refund was given.

Easy Online Computer Setup

Super easy to first compress and apply watermark logo to all our images. And the auto run functionality makes it so easy as all new images get the same optimisations. Great app!