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You can't see the pictures uploaded by customers in the backend, and there is no customer service to interface with.

Family Watchs
SAAS GROVE COM LTDが返信しました 2023年11月21日


Your store is using a third-party custom sticky add-to-cart button and a third-party "Grab this deal" by Qikify feature. Both features override our app and allow customers to place an order without an uploaded image or prevent the image URL from being saved in the order properties.

We replied to your emails, explained to you the reason it happened, and offered possible solutions. I contacted Qikify support and they were ready to fix the issue, but you have removed our app.

As you can see from our review, we offer great customer support and are always available and happy to help.


Doesn't even work. I slide the enabled option and it never appears on my products. I've been trying to get it to work for more than 20 minutes

Beaux Frames
SAAS GROVE COM LTDが返信しました 2020年6月3日


I am sorry that you had trouble and spent more than 20 minutes displaying the upload button. The app was not working because you have a special theme. The app displays on top of "add to cart" button and your installed theme has "add to cart" input instead of a button.

I would greatly appreciate it if we can discuss over this over an email and I can make the adjusted changes to help you make the app display properly

I am just one message away to help you out :)


This app doesn't work at all. I wonder who these reviewers are, I was so willing to use and pay for subscriptions fee if only this works.

SAAS GROVE COM LTDが返信しました 2020年10月20日


Thank you for letting me know that it is not working.

I have checked your setting. It was set to display only if product title contains BOTH "oil painting" and "stixy".

The product title only has "oil painting" not "stixy". This is the reason why it didn't work.

I hope you can reconsider and install the app to try it again :)

Thank you very much,