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Things have smoothed out over the past month. While I have not received complaints from customers saying they can not see the photo upload button or cannot upload a photo I'm still not 100% certain the issues are resolved as the support team was unable to reproduce the problem. That said, this issue did only occur on android devices and when the customer was coming from a facebook or instagram ad and viewing within the apps' browser.

Elegant Eternity
SAAS GROVE COM LTDが返信しました 2023年4月11日

As you can see from other reviews, we offer best-in-class support.
We have always been replying to your multiple tickets and offering solutions.

As for the issue you are referring to, we've spent 10+ hours diagnosing it. It appears on particular Android mobile phones in the embedded Facebook web browser only, which makes it very hard to reproduce. It is very device-specific and looks more like a third-party bug, which we can't be blamed for.

We have offered and implemented a workaround for you in the form of a browser redirect for specific devices. You have confirmed that non of your customers have complained so far after the fix, and you are still happy with our app in general as you are continuing to use it.

We feel very sad that after all the effort and support we've provided, you have left such disappointing feedback.


I had linked this app to my shopify store.
How can I check or download the image files that customers upload to the store?

My Block Store
SAAS GROVE COM LTDが返信しました 2020年10月23日


Thank you for installing the app and linked it to your shopify store

The image files that customers upload to the store are located in your order details after the customer makes a purchase.

I have sent you an email for more details



I just got the app so things are still new. however I contacted customer service to help me with an upload problem and they almost immediately replied. I was helped and the problem was resolved. Looking forward to seeing how this app works when we actually get an order placed.

Shop Bold Lemon

It looks like it greats. The only think I did not like it is because it takes while to appear on the page. Is there some way to make it appear fast? Anyway, I liked and it was the best upload app that I found. I tried all of them.

SAAS GROVE COM LTDが返信しました 2020年6月5日

Thank you so much for the review! Yes I believe there is a way that can be applied to everyone. I will message you for more details!