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I was not sure if it is legit to use images, descriptions and headers from someone else's product. So I asked my lawyer this question:

"Can I use images, headers, and descriptions from someone else's product from Amazon for my Shopify shop? After a customer orders this product in my shop I will order it on Amazon from the source of the image, header, and description.
Is this legit or will I run into Copyright/product infringement issues?"

Answer from my Lawyer:

"Hello XXXX.

Unfortunately what you describe as using images, headers and descriptions from someone else's product is going to get you into trouble.
I understand that you are trying to soften the blow by following through with Amazon but that isn't going to protect you from raising Copyright infringement issues.
Please note that copyright infringement carries statutory monetary penalties."

importifyが返信しました 2023年3月3日

When setting up a dropshipping store, it's important to create original product descriptions and use your own images or those provided by the supplier with their permission. This will not only help you avoid any potential legal issues but also give your customers a unique and authentic shopping experience.

There are many Ai tools (include Shopify ai tool) in the market that can help you generate content for your products.

For example

Remember, building a successful dropshipping business takes time and effort, and it's important to do it the right way.



This app has so many issues. I am not able to copy from any website. Also, there is no quick way to contact customer service. They also do not have a chat feature just a list of FAQs which is not helpful to those who need help right away. Do not get this app unless you like issues and spending money on apps that do not deliver.

importifyが返信しました 2023年1月26日

Sorry for the bad experience,
1. According to Shopify you spent 28 minutes using the app,
2. We did not receive an email from you regarding the issue.
3. We tried to contact you via chat and email and we didn't get any response.
Check the screenshot ->

it's been 48 hours since we tried to contact you, please get back to us so resolve this.


The app has many bugs. It doesn't upload photos, variants properly. I have waited long time to see if they make improvement but nothing has changed so far. There are literally FREE apps that do the job much better including syncing inventory....meaning when products are sold out or unavailable it will update itself.

importifyが返信しました 2021年12月28日

Update: Eva, thank you for responding to our messages, and glad that the problem has been resolved (conflict with another extension you were using)

Hopefully, you can update the review.


UPDATE: The app still has massive issues for me. Its not reliable! I have used this app for many couple years now. I would like to see tracking of inventory feature soon on it but otherwise, its great importer. I had an issue, and the customer service including the developer fixed it even on the weekend which is their time off. The app owner is highly professional, and very helpful. Thank you Moshe for your help & bringing this app to business owners. UPDATE: SINCE my first review its been two months and I would like refund for all my stores which the app does not work or do what is supposed to do.


Poor customer support and app is not worth the amount which he charging, many stores are able to fetch the data.


The app did not work well at all for all supported websites. All Products with variants were not imported! There's also issues with Inventory, Product quantity! Product description etc.. I send theme Email before more than week and they did not help at all.. I've seen many bad review since 2 years with the same issue, and till now not fixed.
Update: 10.07.2021
They reply me after this review and said that my Email gone to Spam, I sent them from Gmail .. So they believe that they are smart to tell us that Google Emails are going spam!!!! I saw many reviews from 2019 regarding the same issue, and till now they did nothing!!
Finally they asked me to change my review to refund me!

importifyが返信しました 2021年7月9日

Sorry for the bad experience, for some reason your mail ended up in our spam folder, we just emailed you back, please check and will be happy to help you with this.


Don't Work for " Shein " website for products with 2 or more variants . i'm waiting for 7 days for this !
not WORTH!

importifyが返信しました 2020年12月26日

I doubled checked, we fixed the issue you mentioned, check the video

Please invite us to your Shopify dashboard and we will check why you still face this issue, we emailed you instructions on how to invite us.


Can't add a product from Shein with 2 or 3 variants. Its a bug i guess and you should work on it . all the products that i want to add to my store is in 2-4 variants. They emailed me that they'll fix this issue in a week . Great! Hello again . after 4 days they didnt update the extension for adding products to store from Shein .

importifyが返信しました 2020年12月26日

We fixed it already, I believe you didn’t update the extension to the latest version, please do so and let us know if you still face an issue.


very bad customer service, not remain on their words, very very poor, not recommended to install this app


AVOID this app!
The funcitonality does not work at all, dont waste your time. The points below does not work.

* The color description does not load properly
* The image choose images is aligned with the products images instead
* The products images get mixed up with the choose color images making the images super small
* The choose size functionality does not work properly, this is properly due to importing the product went wrong
* The choose color does not work either.