In‑cart Incentivizer

In‑cart Incentivizer

door Verdant Spark Ltd

Upsell with customizable progress bar for customer incentives

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Increase average order value

Encourages customers to increase their order value to meet an incentive threshold eg: free shipping, discount or gift with purchase.

In-cart progress bar

The progress bar is shown in the cart where customer attention is focussed and frees up the top 'bar' area for a streamlined experience.

Customizable to your theme

The progress bar is fully customizable to complement your store's theme and is unbranded, so your customer's focus remains on your store.

Over In‑cart Incentivizer

In-cart Incentivizer

Boost sales and Increase Average Order Value by Installing the In-cart Incentivizer.

Customers love free shipping, free gifts and discounts and will increase the number and value of products they buy to meet an incentive threshold. The In-cart Incentivizer progress bar clearly lets the customer see how close they are to receiving the incentive when they add an item to their cart, encouraging them to increase their order value to obtain it.

Can be used with many different incentives and promotions when customers cart reaches a target value:

  • free shipping
  • gift with purchase
  • automatic discounts

Unlike obtrusive banners and pop-ups, the progress bar clearly communicates to the customer how much they have to spend for the incentive without annoying them or interrupting their shopping experience. Designed to be customised to complement your store’s theme, it can be as eye-catching as you’d like it to be.


  • Easy to set up and install
  • Unlimited number of impressions
  • Responsive design, looks great on all screen sizes
  • No developer logo or branding
  • Can be displayed anywhere on cart page
  • Bar can be enabled and disabled to control its visibility
  • Works with both ajax and post type storefront themes

Customisable to suit your theme:

  • Preview bar while designing in the app
  • Customise the text
  • Set incentive amount
  • Set the colour of box, bar, text border, and bar background from hex code or colour picker
  • Choose from your theme’s font or from 10 of the most popular Google fonts
  • Choose between a plain or striped bar

Merchant support

There is a service desk widget embedded on every page of the admin part of the site - just click there and raise any support issues without leaving Shopify.



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  • Full customisation
  • No developer branding
  • Ongoing support
  • Immediate updates for new features

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