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The In Cart Upsell team is super helpful! They help me fix and go through installation in a breeze. That was best. The app itself still needs some adjusting, interface needs more work, but all in all a good decision

In Cart Upsellが返信しました 2023年11月27日

Hi there Elaiya,

We appreciate you taking the time to leave this review. It is great to hear that the In Cart Upsell team was able to quickly help you set up your app. As you move forward, do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to help!

The Support Team


Always fast, competent and patient support. We are looking forward to the new app launch that will hopefully come with new upgrades and functionalities.

Liiteguard Danmark
In Cart Upsellが返信しました 2023年3月14日

Hello to our friends at Liiteguard Danmark

Thanks for sharing your review with us and the community. We're thrilled to learn that our support team was able to provide you with excellent support. We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to share your feedback with us and reminding us why we do what we do. We wish you and your store a great success!

Tanu & The In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell Support Team


The support is cool, helped me, but at first I expected it for a long time, but they helped. I recommendet

Only Pets
In Cart Upsellが返信しました 2023年4月3日

Hello to our friends at Only Pets

Thank you for the amazing review. We're delighted to hear that you had a positive experience with our app. We truly appreciate your business, and we’re so grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us. We would like to thank awesome customers like you for your amazing support! You rock!

Pushpesh & the In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell Support Team


First off, the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that I just installed it yesterday and I will review again after a few weeks.

I can tell you that Will at Awesome-Software really cares! I ran into some difficulties and questions and Will was so quick to respond and help out that I was blown away that there are still people who stand by their product to that level.

Thanks Will!

Paul Anderson

Anchor Caddie

Excellent application. It's use has resulted in increased sales for products that are often overlooked. Works well! Would like to see an option for a bit more control over frequency of display relative to other items in the rotation.

4rails Com

I've been using this app on and off for over 5 years with over $20K in additional in-cart upsells. I recently changed themes and had several issues with it showing and their support got with me ASAP to fix.
In Cart Upsellが返信しました 2021年12月20日

Hello friends at

We are extremely happy to hear this! We are happy our support team has been so helpful! We are grateful for awesome customers like you! We wish you and your store great success :-)

Tanu & The In Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell Support Team


Does what it says! The dashboard looks more messy that some of the other upsell cart apps, but the app is free for one upsell item so it does the job we need. If you need to upsell more than one item, you will need to pay.

One thing I have noticed with all the cart upsell apps - the upsell product price offer does not reflect the currency that the shopper is using in the cart. It would be great if you could automate that. I had to take the prices out of the description - I was shopping in dollars, but the upsell item text kept showing up in Czech crowns. So one star off for that.

So Nia

Been using this app for quite a while now and it did help us to convert good sales. Customer Service is prompt and knowledgeable.

In Cart Upsellが返信しました 2021年12月15日

Hello to our friends from PodVapes

Thank you for the wonderful review! We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us. Do let us know if there are any other ways we can serve you - you rock!!

Pushpesh & the In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell Support Team


Does the job when you want to up-sell a product or offer, and fantastic customer service response so far. However, the customization is a bit tricky so it requires a bit of trial and error to get the design right. Also, I believe there is quite some work to be done on the app's analytics/data to show actual figures vs "potential revenue".

Pajar Canada USA
In Cart Upsellが返信しました 2020年3月5日


This is Sean, the Customer success manager here. Thanks for taking the time to leave us this review!

We will certainly take your feedback regarding customization being tricky and work on that. Regarding analytics on how your offers are performing, I'm afraid that due to Shopify restrictions regarding levels of developer access to the checkout page, our app can't track how many actual sales were completed on your store - we can only track how many times a customer on your store used the offer box to add one or more items into your cart (and what the total value of those items upsold were).

So we can track everything up into the checkout page, but we can't track whether a customer actually finished checkout (making it an official sale). I hope that makes sense? And again, that is an unfortunate Shopify restriction that we can't work around :(

If you have any suggestions for us otherwise, we'd love to hear them! We love feedback like this, because it helps us to know what to improve with our app next! Thanks so much.

PS - If you are willing to bump this up to 5 stars, we would be so grateful! Good vibes would surely come your way!! :) Let me know...

Sean H


Works well for the most part but has been a bit buggy on our custom theme. We have had some issues with promotions displaying where they shouldn't or continuing to display once they have been paused/deleted. Support is always quick and very helpful though.

Allpress Espresso Australia
In Cart Upsellが返信しました 2021年6月1日

Hello to our friends from Allpress Espresso Australia

Thank you for leaving this great review! We appreciate it!

-Melissa & the In Cart Upsell Support Team