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2024년 1월 19일

works great ... I would like to learn more about it and find a way to do a pop-up notice to more easily respond. In my opinion, there should be a pop-up window option on a desktop/laptop or at a minimum a popup window/notification bubble or something on the dashboard to indicate a new message and allow for a more timely possibly live customer interaction.

Traveling Bags
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2023년 12월 28일

Pros: I like the convenience of having chat on my website. I also like that it was easy to setup and I don't have to do anything to "maintain" it. I also like that when I miss a chat, the response is emailed to the customer. And I like the idea of having AI responses.

Cons: The AI bot is annoying. It generates long, automated responses that are not accurate. I waste time deleting them to write my response. And then the bot doesn't learn from my responses to improve the next time around. That's disappointing.

Wishes: I wish there was a way to identify shopping patterns and determine when someone was about to bounce out of the website and allow me to flag them before hand. I also wish there was a way that it could provide insights that would improve a customer's overall shopping experience to improve conversion. I wish there was a way I could categorize customers and message them accordingly (e.g. if someone says can I get added to a waitlist for something, I'd like to do that automatically). I wish there was a way that I could consolidate insights about the types of questions they were asking and context so I could make improvements to my site, product descriptions, etc.

Pooters Diapers
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답글 Shopify개 2024년 1월 3일

Hi there. Thank you for taking the time to write your review and outline what you do and don't like about Shopify Inbox, and how you'd like to see it improved in future. This feedback is incredibly valuable to us and your comments will be submitted to our development team for review. Thanks again. -Victor, Shopify Support

2024년 1월 8일

I would like the cell phone to work as a whatsapp, sometimes you have to enter the email every so often and I do not realize that there are messages pending to answer because the cell phone app does not notify. other than that all good.

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2024년 1월 8일

Messages do not seem to get transferred to my email inbox, so I sometimes miss them or end up replying too late.

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2023년 12월 13일

This app has been improving, and currently seems like a pretty good value relative to paid options. But it still bugs out far too frequently, with customers not recieving any messages and asking if anyone is there while I'm actively replying to them. Hope it improves over time!

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2023년 12월 11일

I don't mind the chat. I don't need to be notified of every reply if I'm online talking to the customer. I was still being notified of replies an hour after a conversation ended. it was annoying.
I also shut off the email notice I had over 100 notices in my inbox. That seems extreme.

D Company Supply
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2024년 1월 19일

every contact is listed as spam so its hard to understand which experts to really trust

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2023년 11월 21일

We like it... but there are a few things we would like to share.

1) We have 3 stores and it's VERY hard to switch between each chat. We have to log out of each store and then log into the 1 store we want to chat with.
2) When the conversation is done it would be great to have a "copy conversation" button. We have a database and we save all customer conversations.
3) We have 3 people who respond to messages.... it would be great when the conversation is closed an email goes out stating that so the other agents know it has been handled and no need to long in and respond.

Videotel Digital
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2024년 1월 13일

there is no unsend option or Text bold feature

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답글 Shopify개 2024년 1월 15일

Hi there! Thank you for sharing your feedback. I will be sure to relay your feature request over to our developers for consideration. -Mac, Shopify Support

2023년 12월 2일

It's a great app! Mostly useful, does its job well!
The only negative side of the app is that it does not let you customize most of their text. So, appart from the questions/answers (which you are free to edit as you please), the rest of the chat (title, disclaimer, etc) you have to stick to their translation, even if you want to switch to a more formal / less formal text (which many languages have, not everyone has a simple language like American English), you can't, it kind of ruins the experience if it does not match with the rest of the site's text style.

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답글 Shopify개 2023년 12월 4일

Hi there. Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback, we truly appreciate it. As we can completely understand the impact of this, I've gone ahead and shared your feedback with our developers to consider in future updates. - Blair, Shopify Support