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Sell over chat, and talk with your customers anytime, anywhere

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Turn browsers into buyers

Share products, discount codes, and get powerful insights so you can sell more and focus on chats that convert.

Help more people in less time

Create quick replies, FAQs, and automated messages all from your admin and keep your brand consistent.

Centralize chats in one place

Chat in real time or use email to follow up when you can’t talk to customers live.

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About Shopify Inbox


Shopify Inbox is so much more than support. In fact, 70% of Shopify Inbox conversations are with customers making a purchasing decision.

Talk with customers and sell over online store chat, social media, and email all from Shopify Inbox. Customize online store chat, saved responses, and more right from your admin. With Shopify Inbox, you can grow your business, build strong customer relationships, and spend less time on support, all for free from a single business chat app.

Use Shopify Inbox to:

  • Save time managing customer conversations from online store chat and social media all within a single app
  • Send products, discounts, and new orders from your Shopify store directly inside chats with just a few taps to turn more conversations into checkouts
  • Send automated messages and continue chats over email in case you can't respond in real-time
  • Know when customers add or remove items from their shopping cart
  • Assign chats to your staff and team to scale customer conversations

Shopify Inbox connects with popular messaging platforms so you can manage your customer and team conversations from the convenience of a single business communication app:

MESSENGER // Let customers contact you from your Facebook Page, Facebook Shop, and Messenger.

INSTAGRAM (coming soon) // Let customers contact you through your Instagram posts, stories, and Shop tab.

Eligibility requirements:

  • To use Shopify Inbox you must have an online store with Shopify
  • You must use Shopify Inbox on your desktop ( or install it on an iOS, iPadOS, or Android device to receive and respond to messages

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3.2 de 5 estrelas

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Patagonia Bend

I want to like it, but it definitely has some annoying shortfalls. My biggest wish is that in addition to the away message, it'd be nice to just disable the chat altogether and hide it from the website on a schedule. I do this manually sometimes so I'm not getting pinged on my off days, but somehow customers are still able to send messages. Then the app keeps bugging me that "A customer is awaiting a response" and "Make sure you respond to the customer before they get away!" even though I have an away message set with details of how to reach us when the chat window is supposed to be "closed." We only have one person (me) handling online customer support, and I don't want to always be "On" and "Available." I like how well it integrates with Shopify since it is a native app, and the inbox page and app work well. I like how quick and easy it is to solve problems and answer questions when a customer reaches out. I like how they changed the way responses work when sending a message after the customer left the site. Email is much less disruptive and expected vs getting a response with no context from a random phone number because phone numbers used to be required. Please keep working on the app and making it better, but I'm probably disabling it again after the holidays and the holiday returns season is over.


Can't work. I can't view my message. The web can't be loading this app may have a big problem. I have try several day it is still can't view it. How to do that? come on. omg.

Resposta do desenvolvedor

1 de dezembro de 2021

Thank you for writing your review and I'm sorry to hear that you've had this issue. If you can't load the app I would recommend checking that you have the latest version installed, and if you do, uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if that solves the problem.

If the issue persists, please contact our support team directly so that you can be authenticated on your store and this issue can be investigated in more detail. You can contact them via this link: -Victor, Shopify Support

Trade Building Products

This app has bags of potential, the link with shopify admin is great and beats external apps, living in the infrastructure of the shopify system makes good sense.
The biggest gripe we have is you can't schedule office hours on it - you can do it for responses (after a customer has sent a message it will send something), but we want to do it so it shows us as offline prior to a customer sending a message - it is bad service them writing out a message expecting a reply and then it saying we are offline. Also some customers don't read the offline response and end up sending messages getting frustrated that we aren't replying to them at 3am!
Also, our phones ping through the night and all weekend as customers think we are online for them.
How do we set it to show a customer we are offline initially?

Resposta do desenvolvedor

30 de novembro de 2021

Hi, there. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this great review and valuable feedback. You could always add your office hours by editing your "Away" message under the "Automated Messages" section of the application. Feel free to check out our handy guide here for a walkthrough on how you can do this. Thanks again for reaching out! -Marty, Shopify Support.