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I am one of those people that read reviews, but never write any :) I am writing one today because I am that impressed with Grin.

To provide some context: my company started with Grin a some time in the past. It was our first creator CRM, so we didn’t know what we didn’t know. And what we really didn’t know is we got spoiled starting with Grin. We thought that there must be other options out there. If you’re reading this, you may be thinking the same thing.

There are. And we used them. It would not be an understatement to say we came crawling back. Grin is that much better than any other Influencer CRM.

In fact, we tried to build our own with Zoho CRM. Started to onboard creators and in weeks we lost track of half our collaborations.

Everything we thought of. They did. Within 24 hours of moving back to Grin, we had found every collaboration that had fallen through the cracks. Reviews units that needed to be shipped. In other words, they saved our program.

Like I first wrote. I never write reviews. But Grin has earned a life long customer!

Nomad Internet

GRIN Creator Management Platform has been the foundation of my company's Influencer Marketing efforts since the start. GRIN brings efficiency to each creator relationship we instill, and it allows us to streamline our processes for maximum output.

GRIN hosts various features such as creating activations and campaigns, email templates, content logging, handling creator payouts, data analytics, and so much more. GRIN allows you to stay extremely organized with each creator relationship. From linking social media pages to custom tagging, staying detail oriented on GRIN is easy to navigate and extremely beneficial.

GRIN is an invaluable software run by the most passionate team of people. Each individual working behind GRIN strives to help their customers utilize the platform to their utmost advantage. GRIN is always updating and enhancing their platform based on customer feedback they receive. A new feature recently launched called 'GRINup' selects up to 50 prospective creators for you based on chosen criteria! Features like this can save hours of time searching through social media platforms for new creators.

I also love being a part of the GRIN community. They host various opportunities with all of their customers where people can network and deliberate on various influencer marketing concepts. I wouldn't have it any other way - GRIN has changed the game!!

Grin, Inc.が返信しました 2023年2月14日

Thank you for your honest feedback! We're always excited to hear how GRIN helps streamline processes and efficiencies for robust programs like yours. I'm glad that you're taking advantage of our additional resources including the online GRIN Community to network with like-minded marketers.


I have been a GRIN user for 4 years now and I love it! The features are unmatchable to other platforms. I love how I can easily manage each creator and each campaign and activation. I use the email sequences quite a bit and find that it's so much easier to track then sending mass emails and having to worry about follow ups. The content and UGC that we have from our partners lives in GRIN and is easily downloadable and we use this in other departments from email marketing, ecomm and social media! I am a big data and numbers person, so the analytics are great to pull from an hour, to a day, to a month to a specific creator. You get your own customer service rep and they are extremely knowledgable and very helpful and quick to respond!
I love the GRIN community as well, I've met so many other amazing partnership managers through the GRIN community. I continue to learn as well from their webinars, podcasts, fireside chats, and articles. They are constantly staying up to date in the influencer marketing space!
Once I signed up and started using GRIN I'll never switch to any other platform!

Dreamland Baby
Grin, Inc.が返信しました 2023年1月31日

Thank you for your honest feedback! I'm glad to hear that you're leveraging all our resources to help you manage your program. Our email integration is key for personalized mass communication.


GRIN Creator Management Platform is a huge asset to our influencer marketing program. With GRIN we are able to offer our creators a seamless experience through outreach, onboarding, and consistent campaigns and activations throughout their time working with us. I am able to send product, collect content, track metrics & data, as well as pay my creators all in one place. This is just a few of the things GRIN is doing well within the platform, there's plenty more where that came from. I also am always impressed by the outstanding Support Team they have; the assistance they offer brands on a daily basis is quick and educational. I'm always appreciative of how fast they will transition my requests if they need more help. Overall I am very pleased with my experience using GRIN over the past 3 years.

Osmo Salt
Grin, Inc.が返信しました 2023年1月31日

Thank you for your honest feedback! We'll be sure to share the special mention of the Support Team. It's great to hear that GRIN helps offer a seamless experience for your creators and supports your program workflow.


We have been using GRIN for a little over 3 months now and it has been a huge asset for the growth of our influencer program in both the US and UK. Not only has it made our workflow much more efficient but it comes with so many amazing features such as creating activations, email templates, and curated lists. Our customer success manager, Jackie, has been a huge help and is always there to answer our questions even on short notice. We are excited to continue using GRIN and would highly recommend it to other companies looking to grow their influencer program.

Nanobebe UK

GRIN is great! It has helped house all of our influencer stuff under one roof. From influencer outreach and gifting, to our affiliate program and paid partnerships, GRIN has made it super easy and convenient to find and organize everything. There are so many capabilities on this platform, some that we probably haven't utilized enough, but I highly recommend GRIN. Their CSM team is also amazing and want you to thrive!

Branch Basics
Grin, Inc.が返信しました 2023年3月10日

Thank you for your honest feedback! We'll be sure to share the special mention of the CS team. It's great to hear that you're finding the tools to help organize your influencer programs.


great to create, fulfill, and track influencer orders to scale. It's been more time efficient for our team as well. The only downside is wish there was the ability in the Grin platform to choose shipment options for fulfillment so if we needed to create the shopify order on the creator's behalf, we can select which shipment method is needed instead of the connection settings!


What do you dislike about GRIN?

There are several issues with the platform. Firstly, Instagram search and creator search has completely been taken off. These changes were not communicated before signing a new contract with Grin. Our primary use case was discovering influencers, at this point Grin is a glorified order-placing application for customers that links to Shopify.

The advertising of Grin Up, which is their supposed replacement for creator search run by actual humans on the Grin up team - it is the worst possible feature where Grin put its own team on manually finding influencers. In some cases they sent us "influencers" with no posts, some with no followers, it was like there had been no effort put into the process. If there are attachments, I will show the final output from the Grin Up team here as well.

Beyond all of this, the way they hid behind and misled us before the signing of our new contract was the most frustrating piece in the whole situation.

What problems is GRIN solving and how is that benefiting you?

Grin at this point is just taking our money, without solving any problems for us. We're less productive than before, we used Grin successfully for a year until they misled us and got rid of all their key uses.

What do you like best about GRIN?

Grin used to be a great platform, with good customer service. Now they have no first-party data, no ability to deliver what's needed from an influencer platform. I wish they ended our contract when we asked them to, now it's just a waste of money on our end.

Grin, Inc.が返信しました 2023年9月15日

Hi! Thank you so much for your honest feedback - I'm sorry your initial experience with the GRIN platform wasn't ideal. If you email me at, we'd love to hear more about any challenges you have so we can formulate a plan to address them and ensure you're getting value from the platform as intended.

To address some of the comments from the review, GRIN has a fully functional creator search function, inclusive of Instagram and Tiktok, alongside several other recruitment features that comprise our Creator Discovery Suite. Finding and recruiting creators is critical to building an enduring brand, and we pride ourselves on helping customers find the ideal partners. I'd love to schedule time to give you an overview and strategy session on how best to use our recruitment tools to achieve your business objectives.


With Grin, we have been able to reach new talent, meaningfully build relationships and easily manage all product needs. Grin has been an extremely effective tool for SKIMS!

Grin, Inc.が返信しました 2023年3月10日

Thank you for your honest feedback! We're always excited to hear how GRIN has helped tackle so many of the challenges of running an impactful program like yours.


As a smaller company, this tool was invaluable when we launched our influencer program. This tool significantly streamlines our efforts and saves time in the areas of prospecting, outreach, reporting, product fulfillment, and overall campaign management.

There are unique features in the platform that help with our changing needs - which makes it easy to shift our new and growing program. GRIN's live URL links streamline communication and simplify the visual experience for creators. These links serve as a centralized hub containing all campaign information, influencer details, and relevant contracts.

Our dedicated Customer Success Manager, Jackie, has played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of our program. Her expertise in finding solutions to various program-related challenges, whether it's unique reporting needs, setup, or affiliate links, has been a tremendous asset. One of the standout features of the GRIN platform is its exceptional customer success team. They are consistently quick and responsive, making it easy to get answers to both minor and major questions related to our program.