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5 februari 2023

The one thing we really wanted it to do can't be relied on. The synchronising could be better, to say the least; eBay sales can take several hours to sync to Shopify and sometimes don't do it all, so you can sell stock in Shopify that has already sold on eBay. And, it can be just as bad syncing to eBay; we have regularly had to cancel transactions on eBay and ruin our eBay status due to items still being listed on eBay several hours after selling out in our Shopify store.

You can report this to support, as we have done, All they will tell you is that they will pass it on to the developers, and you never hear any more from them. Had the same issue with their extra cost templates; we reported bugs several times only for support to supposedly pass it on to the developers for nothing to be done.

In our 'final straw' experience, we asked for an explanation as to why a particular item did not sync and advised them that unless they could provide this, we had no faith in their app and would stop using it. Guess what, passed to the developers and heard no more even when we chased them up to give them the opportunity to redeem themselves, we were just fobbed off. So, we weren't bluffing; we can't continue to use an app that is so unreliable in such a critical area and be met with a lack of support and have thus cancelled our subscription and uninstalled this app.

Diecast Model Centre
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inkFrog, Inc heeft geantwoord 6 februari 2023

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with our app . We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced with the syncing feature.

Providing excellent service to our customers is our top priority, and we regret that we have not met your expectations in this instance. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we will be sure to pass it along to the relevant teams.

16 december 2022

A waste of time. Send over 30 emails that did not answer my initial question. Why wasn't my eBay and amazon accounts syn with my Shopify? Different adding Double entries to my Ebay account which I was charged I finally receive the answer I was looking for "You can manage eBay with Amazon, just not with Shopify linked to the same listings." I went back to read their advertisement "amazon OR ebay with by shopfity" So not both. Not what I wanted. I wasted over a week on trying to do what the app can not do.

Body and fitness
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inkFrog, Inc heeft geantwoord 19 december 2022

Thank you for the review Body and fitness and we apologize for any misunderstanding regarding the capabilities of the software.

19 februari 2023

this app is horrible. price point is good but now api's dont work and i'm paying for an app that tells me "api's don't work" and to upload directly to ebay. what am i paying for then?

The American Gringo
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inkFrog, Inc heeft geantwoord 20 februari 2023

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on inkFrog for eBay. We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced with the software. Our development team is aware of the problem and is working diligently to resolve it as quickly as possible.

We understand how frustrating it can be to encounter issues with software, especially when it impacts your ability to use it effectively. Rest assured, we take your feedback seriously and are committed to improving our product to provide you with the best possible experience. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

30 december 2022

SHIPPING PROFILES ARE DESTROYING ALL SHIPPING POLICY. REMOVING SHIP TO LOCATIONS< DISCOUNTS. CANNOT TELL WHICH OOF THERE PROFILES ARE WHICH< LOOKS LIKE "inkFrog Shipping 7a7e09a4-350a-4a2a-8b7c-5f3c0ba2e4d4 " Every time the quantity updates on SHOPIFY it updates EBAY and DESTROYS SHIPPING POLICIES. Cannot disable synchronization on SHipping Profiles. SUPPORT was no help. They insisted it works.

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inkFrog, Inc heeft geantwoord 3 januari 2023

Thanks for letting us know that you've experienced some issues using shipping profiles chirokmd. We've reviewed the support request and would like to connect with you to get a full and better understanding of the issue that is being experienced regarding the shipping profiles. We'll reach out to you directly.

19 oktober 2022

Useless, does not work! I spent $29 and after less than 24 hours I am annoyed and frustrated. Does not do the job it is either intended for or advertised to do.

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inkFrog, Inc heeft geantwoord 16 december 2022

Gaita, we understand that learning a new software can be overwhelming sometimes. Our team is here to help! :) Please feel free to reach out to us as at any time with any questions.

25 mei 2022

I can not recommend this app at all, there are nothing but issue to delete an item it takes minimum 15 minutes and has to be deleted in 3 different places. Products imported from ebay no shipping method and they very bravely advised me to do it manually on 10000 items. Any issue you take to them ends up with "our developers are working on the most urgent developments" first try to pass the ball to shopify. Items sold on ebay in different countries wont be ended on shopify so you have to do it manually. HTML Templates cannot be saved and it wont go to ebay correctly. They have lost the plot, they dont know the meaning of channel integration and why sellers are looking for one. I can go on like this but dont see the point, If you want headache you are at the correct place.

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6 december 2021

Stay away from this app. This app is constantly out of sync between our shopify store and ebay.
We've had to cancel more than 20 orders in the last couple of month. The worst part is their non existent customer service, they do not respond to emails at all. The chat is never available. Do yourself a favour and to provide you a broken service.

Mad Socks Australia
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14 mei 2021

Would rate this a Zero- Backend team has no idea what they are doing nor will they honor anything they say- Avoid Subscription as once they have your money you'll never get it back even if you cancel your account and they "mistakenly" never did on their end. Guess my company is just out of that money now as they refuse to refund their error.

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10 december 2020

Most buggy piece of software I've ever used. In the last 12 months I have emailed them over 40 times regarding issues. Not good enough for a paid app. At least they are usually quick to resolve. Unfortunately the last 3 weeks their server has been very intermittent and remains unresolved. No reply to a request for a credit considering the major disruption this has caused. I have now closed my account with them and will move over to Ebay's app which is free by the way.

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10 november 2020

Non-functioning as it was supposed to. Listing eBay seldom apply to listings. Orders do not make it to shopify. Very disappointed.

Galactic Snow Sports
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