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24 september 2015

This is by far one of the best and most productive programs for someone who sells both on ebay and on their won website. They are coming out with even more features and iI'm lovin it more than mcDonalds!!!! Lets Go!!!!

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23 april 2018

inkFrog has solved so many issues for us! They have really helped us in managing our eBay store, through providing a great template, as well as making sure our listings stay up to date with regularly changing eBay regulations.

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3 november 2014

This app is AMAZING, makes lovely eBay listings (although dynamic HTML would be great) and is a lot quicker than listing manually. Please, PLEASE make one for Amazon :-)

That Card Shop
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29 september 2019

Connect to eBay seamlessly. Lots of settings and very easy to work with. Been using the app for more than 6 months now, and very happy with the results. The customer service is available even on weekends and holidays.

Arabian Shopping Zone
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inkFrog, Inc heeft geantwoord 30 september 2019

If you're happy, we're happy, Arabian Shopping Zone! Thanks for using inkFrog :)

4 november 2015

Very good tool to have. I am still learning how to use it properly.

Finest Vitamins
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Bewerkt 13 oktober 2019

We have been using InkFrog for approx 4 years and it is the best app we could have asked for. We used to spend so much time removing stock from our eBay store that had sold on our Shopify store and vice-versa and now InkFrog does it for us.

It was quite difficult to setup as we have so many items for sale with a huge range of variants per item. However, now that it is setup, it's pretty seamless.

The developer has sorted any issues that have arisen very quickly which is invaluable to keep things running smoothly.

UPDATE (14/10/2019) - the support offered by InkFrog is incredible. They reply almost always immediately and are incredibly knowledgeable. Also I am now using their templates for my eBay store. They were so easy to use and setup, wish I had done it back in the beginning!

I definitely recommend InkFrog to Shopify users that also run an eBay store.

Rs Gymwear
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Bewerkt 27 april 2018

if you want to use eBay with your shopify store there is no better , our store is in the top 1% of all stores on shopify , this app is simply a must have for very little money

Frame It Display It
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15 december 2018

This app has been very useful for us. Very effective at pushing items to ebay. Have to be careful of the settings you use to make sure it does what you want it to do, but so far we're very happy.

Replay Golf
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2 juli 2018

So far this is working so great! Support has been very responsive and helpful. I really wish they would come up with an app that is similar for Amazon that would make my year!

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28 maart 2017

So far this is a game changer. Once you have it set up correctly, it is VERY easy to manage your eBay store.

Weed Box
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