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Bewerkt 19 mei 2020

Ease of import was fantastic, other apps put you through a big drill of hours of setup for processes that should already be set up by default and then can be customized later. Customer Support was fantastic and jumped right in to help. Their dashboard is easy to read and easy to navigate. They have multi-user accounts and now Amazon! So a win-win!

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Bewerkt 26 juli 2020

Very helpful, easy to use and much faster than anyone else. From listing to manage order in a great workflow.

7 dagen gebruiken de app
24 oktober 2016

Very useful tool! Makes managing Ebay much easier!

Rocco Roxie Supply Co
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6 dagen gebruiken de app
14 augustus 2016

inkFrog has been a great addition to my business.

The user interface is very easy to use and the app does a great job in syncing my inventory in my Shopify store with eBay.

The price is very affordable and the customer service is awesome!

Thanks inkFrog

Spiritualfoodllc Com
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9 september 2021

I've used InkFrog for eBay for about two years with my regular business, and it's super reliable and a slick bit of software. I have now added it as my eBay integrator for Shopify on my personal shop site. This app is deep, and very complete. There is a small learning curve when getting started, but once you understand how it works, you could, if you wished, run your entire eBay operation without going to the actual eBay site. My Shopify site and eBay account stay perfectly synced. That's a lot of performance for less than twenty bucks a month. I read some of the recent one-star reviews, and can honestly say my experience has been totally different. But, I spent time with the app, read all the instructions, and it runs flawlessly. I think one gets out of it what they put into it.

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inkFrog, Inc heeft geantwoord 26 oktober 2021

Thanks you for the detailed review FatCat.Parts :)

15 december 2016

Great so far! Literally had this done in an hour.

All About Me
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Bewerkt 9 april 2018

An update to this rating--

I have updated this rating due to incredible follow up from Inkfrog. I am looking forward to learning what I must to make the app work for me and have them as an extension of my company. Stellar Customer Service and because of it I am looking forward to moving on with them.


The listing and deletion of this nightmare caused me an almost $40 extra in insertion fees for going over my 1000 item limit a month. Now, now only am I at zero and Ebay cannot see over the errors, but they have limited til May 1. That's a month extra to no sales because of this mess.

Plus, I did get a response to this review and an offer to help. When I expressed my true opinion, which was honest, but not negative in any way, it wasn't acknowledged in return.


I just want my Infrog nightmare to end. This has been nothing but a heartache. This app is nothing easy as they advertise or make it out to be. All my prices were jacked up. It imported only the sale 'compare to' prices and not the actual prices which are astronomical. When I reached support, I was emailed back and told that I must have changed my sync settings. I did not. Of 821 things that should have imported only a couple of hundred did.I was instructed to delete the library and start over. And, deleting the library? It is one by one. Even the bulk action is done one by one. Plus, many it won't let me delete since they are live though I don't want them live in a first place. This app is costing me money, stress and wasted time.

Kismet Bazaar
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Bewerkt 15 november 2018

Inkfrog provides a much more useful and easy-to-use interace than either Shopify or eBay -- both sites could learn a LOT about application design from Inkfrog!

Mapping and managing variants and their associated images was flawless. I haven't seen any other app that navigates Shopify's crazy data structure more fluently. The creators of Inkfrog are geniuses.

Wolf Tooth Components
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Bewerkt 6 februari 2017

This application is great! I used it to import all of my products within minutes! The setup was fast and easy as well! I would highly recommend this to anyone!

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19 juni 2017

Great App for listing direct to eBay. Support is great to most of our emails have been reply to within a few hours. Would recommend.

Uk Printedapparel
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2 dagen gebruiken de app