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28 de outubro de 2023

Did not work for my long established store - disappointed as I had high hopes but sales just did not happen - I think we got 1

Green Alternatives
Reino Unido
18 days usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por inkFrog, Inc 1 de novembro de 2023

We have taken your concerns seriously, and in our efforts to assist you further, we have reached out to eBay's team to explore the possibility of obtaining optimization guidance on your behalf that can help enhance your sales on their platform.

Please also feel free to reach out to our customer support team so we can work together to understand your unique situation and provide assistance. Your success is important to us!

17 de novembro de 2023

No Trial and Forcing to Buy Paid Version without testing

Estados Unidos
29 minutes usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por inkFrog, Inc 20 de novembro de 2023

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you've encountered regarding the trial of our inkFrog software. After investigating, we discovered that there is an older inkFrog account associated with your Shopify store, which had an expired trial. We understand that this situation may have led to confusion, and we want to make things right for you.

To rectify this, we would like to extend another trial for you to explore our software without any obligations. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Editado a 19 de dezembro de 2018

Avoid this company. The application has so many strange and unique quirks about it. Sometimes, it work. Sometimes, it doesn't. Many times, we oversell on eBay due to unknown reasons even though the same item on Shopify has a QoH of ZERO. For the years we've been using it, I think we've found and reported so many bugs that they pretty much ignore us because we're always giving them bad news. Now, they cannot even do billing properly.. Twice now, our account has been degraded to the FREE plan because they cannot bill properly. *I* then have to go jump through hoops to get it straightened out. Sadly, the app shows a lot of promise. However, it is not quite ready for prime time. Some features work well, but we continually find functionality issues... items selling with sales tax calculated incorrectly; items selling with free shipping that should have a flat or calculated shipping cost; other items that should have free shipping but have flat or calculated shipping terms, SKUs magically changing to something else; Item descriptions mysteriously reverting back to an old description; many times we cannot update the eBay listing from within InkFrog till we delete and recreate the item. The support team is friendly and usually responds within 24 hours. Many times, they report the problem is "fixed" only to find it really isn't. The explanations for the issues range from invalid account settings on eBay to explanations which make no sense. It has cost us countless lost sales and MANY months of lost productivity of my staff due its erratic and unpredictable operation. It's quite frustrating to pay them for the opportunity to debug their program. This review will be revised as the application improves, unfortunately, lately, the app and company are degrading.

Outback Western Wear
Estados Unidos
About 7 years usando a aplicação
Editado a 16 de julho de 2019

The update this past year has rendered Inkfrog completely useless to Ebay Motors sellers. There are so many bugs and fixes that need tending to, it literally made listing on ebay more of a hassle than helping us.

Japan Parts Service
Estados Unidos
Over 6 years usando a aplicação
21 de maio de 2017

Doesn't stay synced. Buggy and slow if you have many items. Customer service not very helpful.

Estados Unidos
Almost 6 years usando a aplicação
10 de dezembro de 2020

Most buggy piece of software I've ever used. In the last 12 months I have emailed them over 40 times regarding issues. Not good enough for a paid app. At least they are usually quick to resolve. Unfortunately the last 3 weeks their server has been very intermittent and remains unresolved. No reply to a request for a credit considering the major disruption this has caused. I have now closed my account with them and will move over to Ebay's app which is free by the way.

Estados Unidos
Over 5 years usando a aplicação
Editado a 19 de outubro de 2020

UPDATE: App continues to duplicate orders in shopify. We lost 5k in dupe shipped orders in 1 day!! Do not use this app, it creates duplicate orders and has server glitches. We just discovered that we lost several thousand dollars due to duplicate orders created by Inkfrog in Shopify. Not safe to use, unless you manually check each order to ebay and paypal before shipment.

Swing Design
Estados Unidos
Over 5 years usando a aplicação
10 de novembro de 2020

Non-functioning as it was supposed to. Listing eBay seldom apply to listings. Orders do not make it to shopify. Very disappointed.

Galactic Snow Sports
Estados Unidos
Over 5 years usando a aplicação
11 de agosto de 2017

This platform is really needed by us sellers but with sync issues, support staff ill equipped to deal with problems, and today 35+% of my items have wrong pictures and incorrect titles and information for no reason at all, even though my shopify store has never had this issue. The support staff told me to go through by hand and fix all the listings.... 1300+ listings to go through. Not sure what to do if they can not fix I will be getting rid of the service and requesting refund of ebay fees as this occurred during the last listing of my library and never has happened before. 125+ dollars in ebay fees down the tube because ending all of them early and re-listing makes more sense then fixing by hand over the next 4-5 days.
Honestly we have had nothing but issues the only upside is the inventory control across the two.

Sarahs Treats Treasures
Estados Unidos
Over 4 years usando a aplicação
29 de agosto de 2018

InkFrog is a terrible platform to use. I have been a user since 2014 (4 years, because I couldn't find anything else 'better') and have had many problems with them. Today, we discovered that thousands of our listing profiles were erased by InkFrog because of an 'update' and that the 'information is not retrievable'. They expect us to rebuild 4 years of listing profiles because of an internal update. We are looking for another provider now, I wouldn't suggest InkFrog to my worst enemy. They are beyond terrible, have extremely poor customer service, and the program is glitchy and slow.

We have over 10,000 listings on eBay Motors and they ALL lost years worth of compatibility profiles.

I would never recommend InkFrog to anyone.

Allmag Auto
Estados Unidos
Over 4 years usando a aplicação