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9 de outubro de 2023

I been a longtime customer and generally happy with app. For the past 9 weeks I am having issues mapping new products and also pictures not transferring. They said the developers are aware of the issue. It's been 9 weeks and no fix. When is someone going to care enough to fix the problem. Is this the way inkfrog is telling me to go some where else!!!! nothing should take 9 weeks to fix. WAKE UP INFROG

NE Cycle Shop
Estados Unidos
Almost 5 years usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por inkFrog, Inc 11 de outubro de 2023

We sincerely apologize for the ongoing issues you've been experiencing with our app. We want to assure you that your concerns have not gone unnoticed, and we share your frustration over the delay in resolving these problems. Our development team has been actively working on these issues, and while progress has been made, we acknowledge that it has taken longer than expected. We understand that this is not the level of service you deserve, and we are committed to improving your experience.

Thank you for your understanding, and please feel free to reach out if you have any further concerns or questions.

24 de outubro de 2020

Tried to persevere with this app for a long time. Multiple order creation, inconsistent synchronisation, and poor service are the main issues. Final issue was creation of 119 false orders affecting stock, and they were unwilling to help reverse. Advise trying another provider before you get too deep and it is hard to change.

VAGPARTS Australia
Almost 5 years usando a aplicação
Editado a 25 de novembro de 2022

Been using this App for a really long time. It is a great App to list products on eBay with and I was a huge fan of it for a really long time. I wish I could give it a better rating but the problem is it has problems with syncing orders between Shopify and eBay. It fails to sync the inventory roughly 2-5% of the time and results in inventory being oversold which is a huge hassle. I brought this issue up to them many times and it's been over a year hoping that they would rectify the issue. Eventually, I was recommended to manually check whether inventory had been updated properly myself at the end of the day, which is quite ridiculous. I ended up having to shut down my Shopify store temporarily as it was disrupting the workflow too much. Sad because if they would fix this issue, I would say Inkfrog would be my go to App. But it's not usable at it's current state and they don't seem like they want to fix or improve the problem like they used to.

MiniWar Bits
Over 3 years usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por inkFrog, Inc 16 de dezembro de 2022

Thank you for your review MiniWar Bits. We're sorry to hear that you ran into some order syncing issues. It looks like around that time, the eBay token was expired for the account which would have caused some sync problems until it was updated. If you're still experiencing any account related problems, please reach out to our team by emailing and we'd be happy to review the account.

5 de janeiro de 2019

This app works for the most part. But we have had to redo our listings on the inkfrog side 3-4 times because the profiles, theme, etc. keep changing without us doing anything. Support just blames it on third parties, even though we don't even use any other third parties for ebay except for inkfrog. We have wasted COUNTLESS hours redoing our listings from this issue. Inkfrog will do NOTHING to make up for it. We have paid for inkfrog for awhile now and they won't credit us a penny for the wasted time, money and energy we have had to put in redoing listings because of their coding issues.

So, if you download this app, it may work...but don't be surprised if you have to do work on your listings multiple times.

NextGen Tuning
Estados Unidos
Over 3 years usando a aplicação
24 de abril de 2017

To much work fixing all the errors and double checking every listing . Good if you can use on a few top sellers but not a option what to download from website

Estados Unidos
Almost 3 years usando a aplicação
17 de março de 2018

THis app does show some promise, as it has a reasonable price point.
But BEWARE that often enough, it fails to import eBay orders, (and therefore fails to import them into Shopify for processing).

So you MUST keep an eye on eBay and Inkfrog AND Shopify. This has happened to all Shopify stores that I have (4 atm), so it must be system wide problems that they have.

Their sync failures have happened multiple times. SO the product, although functional, isn't reliable enough.

Almost 2 years usando a aplicação
Editado a 6 de setembro de 2020

The app doesn't sync items properly, neither it does it regularly. Once you synced it with your shopify store, any new items you list or changes you make to your existing items, it DOES NOT sync them automatically with eBay. You need to manually do it one by one. On top of that, the small plan gives you 300 listings but it also counts towards this limit all the previous listings you had on eBay. Say, you want to list your 100 shopify items on eBay using this app, but you already have another 201 items listed on your ebay account that are not associated with your Shopify store, they will also count towards your limit and you will have the total of 301 listing which exceeds your plan limit. There is no way to avoid it, even though it's so stupid because the app is to sync with Shopify (otherwise why would I need it in the first place?!) As many have already said here, customer service is very unhelpful and their replies leave you wonder if they even want you as a customer. At this stage I am actively looking for another app.

Queenie's Pawprints
Over 1 year usando a aplicação
2 de janeiro de 2018

We have been using this app for nearly 6 months and today we just lost our eBay selling privileges for a week because InkFrog's arbitrary syncs, it is buggy and we spend way too much time dealing with problems...uninstalling it today and looking for another more mature eBay friendly solution.

Top Meteorite
Estados Unidos
10 months usando a aplicação
2 de novembro de 2020

I'm unable to list to ebay, unable to sync my inventory and basically unable to do anything with this software! Customer service seems more eager to quickly close out tickets then actually make this a functional tool.

Metta Home and Technologies
10 months usando a aplicação
26 de fevereiro de 2023

So much potential, yet so frustrating.

The best part of the app is that it is very good at automatically removing product as you sell on ebay, shopify, or in person between all platforms. That part was a life saver and very useful for us as we are an omni-channel seller.

The biggest downfall and the part that would drive me mad, is the glitches and lack of support to fix it. For example, I would spend hours listing items from Shopify to eBay only for InkFrog to have a listing glitch and remove every item listed. Not only does it waste an incredible amount of time, but it destroys any potential sales. When you do relist the same items, usually (and magically) there are no problems and it stays. But, eBay views it as spam or whatever and the items never get the same watchers or views. I would say nearly every batch I did for the last three months or more did this, and I think it really hurt my online sales. Customer service would usually blame eBay or Shopify for the issue, but how do you explain listing it the second time and there isn't a problem? Even if it is an issue with the app communicating between the two platforms, InkFrog has a duty to bridge the gap and solve the issue.

There are other minor issues, like; some synching issues, the app not covering all the listing descriptions and details that eBay has, and having to go through all the items I list on eBay to fill in the blanks that InkFrog doesn't fill.

I finally cancelled my subscription after a month of not listing new product. I really don't feel like spending four hours or more for 20 items.

Unusual Retail
Estados Unidos
10 months usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por inkFrog, Inc 1 de março de 2023

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience using InkFrog.

We appreciate you bringing these issues to our attention, and we want to assure you that we take them seriously. We're constantly working to improve our platform and address any technical issues that may arise.

If you have any further feedback or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We value your business and hope to have the opportunity to regain your trust in the future.