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4 januari 2022

The started off well but terrible over the Christmas period, caused my store terrible damage with poor reviews, followed by no attempt to make up for it but to send you an empty sorry message. I still got orders in production placed in early December. Customers waiting for Christmas presents in early Jan. So you can imagine the effect that has on Amazon or Etsy store reviews. Stay clear is my advice.

One Stop Hip Hop UK
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21 augustus 2020

I really wouldn't recommend anyone to use this company! every order we have placed we have had problems, first couple of orders 2 of our customers had to wait over a month to be shipped 1 customer had then wanted a refund because it was taking so long. We had an order for 500ml water bottle, when it arrived the print was crooked a replacement was sent but even then the colour on it was off. They are just 2 examples of many. I feel like there is no care put into orders, if you value your company's reputation i would advise not to use Inkthreadable

Blanc Cheque
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8 april 2019

Ok in the start, but so many things wrong now. Integration doesn't fullfill the orders. In most cases they have the items in stock. Some mockup images are low in quality.

Spey Brothers
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Inkthreadable heeft geantwoord 9 april 2019


The bug where orders were not being marked as fulfilled on Shopify when shipped by Inkthreadable was fixed some time ago, and we haven't had any further reports of this issue since. If you're still experiencing your orders not being fulfilled automatically, please could you reach out to our support team with more information?

Your review mentions that there are a lot of problems with the app, so if you could contact our team with any other issues you're experiencing then we'll look into those for you — we haven't had any reports from other users of any bugs, so it would be very helpful if you could report these for us asap.

We hold a limited number of products in stock, but the vast majority of the products in our catalogue are ordered on a next-day basis when an order is placed since we operate an on-demand business model. This means we rely on our suppliers to keep the products they offer in stock, and where possible we have multiple suppliers for the same product.

The mockup generator is a tool provided free of charge for all customers, but you're under no obligation to use it for any products printed by Inkthreadable. If you'd prefer, you can use alternative sources for mockups if you're looking for a different quality of mockup.

A member of our team will reach out to you to see if we can discuss the issues you've mentioned, including anything you didn't mention in your review.

Bewerkt 11 juli 2018

Worst dropshipping service ever. Every now and then they are printing 1 t-shirt for 2-3 weeks. Support is always responding with a bs about quality control fail. If you value your clients time, then don't bother installing this app. And I've used them for more than a year, so this is a constant problem. There are plenty of dropshipping services that are much much better.

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15 december 2017

I wish I could give the company zero stars. They were a nightmare to deal with. Their shipping times are never on time and they always give the same reasons about delays. I really wanted to go with Inkthreadable as they are in the UK, but I have unhappy customers and have undergone a lot of stress chasing after them when their shipping times are massively late. I do not recommend them.

Rocky The Traveller
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Bewerkt 17 augustus 2018

It's a hit and miss using their print fulfillment service. Their customer service team are commendable and always get back on time but the whole fulfillment service is just a letdown and disappointing. Print quality is so-so compared to other DTG providers I tried which much better. Had a missing order that didn't arrived, the team agreed to arrange for order replacement and re-delivery but after 4 weeks, nothing came. Recommend for any new startups or brands to look elsewhere if you just starting up your small business or you may end up dealing with order issues with your customers.

Shahada Company
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Bewerkt 17 mei 2018

We chose Inkthreadable as we were keen to use a UK based supplier. However, we experienced numerous issues with quality, errors in fulfilment and poor customer service. Whilst customer service is prompt, you are left with the distinct impression they do not really care – or do anything meaningful to help. Christmas was a particular low point as they failed to meet their own delivery guidelines. Promised service improvements never materialised – and we have now closed our account having decided it is simply too risky to place the reputation of our fledgling online business in this company.

The Tank Museum
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15 juli 2017

What a pain in the a**!!!

Now, i got on to inkthreadible as they have the biggest selection of products and color variations available. However lets review some facts real fast:

Product selection: best in Europe
Mockups: mostly S**T! (bad digital models mostly, bad resolution)
Printing quality: quite ok for cotton products, horrible on polyester (color distortion from Heat during print process
App: pain in the a** - you can't even name the products for better overview and only create new, instead of edit.
Production time: don't expect it to be 2 weeks - expect it to be 14 business days!
Payment: sometimes it´s working, sometime not :P

Bottom line: if you ONLY need simple shirts, go somewhere else. if you need more, better plan in some extra hours.

Delayon Eyewear
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21 december 2017

Honestly I could just copy and paste the previous 1 star review.
Flabberghastingly bad. Its such a shame as I wanted to support a UK based business that integrated with Shopify. I continuously have to chase my orders, they are nearly always late. Their stock keeps changing so I'll have a shirt or something in my shop then an email saying this has been discontinued etc, I feel that the item should have a like for like replacement so that when orders come through I don't have to recreate everything because they decided to replace it. I also had to make slight changes to my designs, there is no way of doing this efficiently without having to delete its recreate it and re-upload it. The worst thing is, when you complain you get a canned "we are sorry and we take your feedback on board" response. I have had problems with them on around 70% of orders made this year which is a nightmare for me. Sometimes they offer me a discount or a refund - recently they offered me a refund on an item and then never actually actioned it, so I've had to chase the refund. I wish wish wish there was an alternative in Europe.

Aromaluxe London
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8 februari 2020

a minute ago-Edit
Very poor service, teeshirts often printed wrong and have to be redone, so the 3-5 days is not correct. They do not notify you that they printed your teeshirt wrong they just add extra days. I have a customer who has waited 12 days for a tee which was 5-10 days delivery the item has not been delivered now were told 30 days for a refund when it should of been delivered after ten. Had to order a replacement which will now take another 5+ days to send as they are going to make mistakes again for sure. Very Disappointed. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS ONLY THEMSELVES

Shakeem Hart
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