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7 de março de 2023

So far so good! A number of samples ordered and very impressed with the quality and the turnaround speed. Customer orders have been received well and they love the eco packaging. Nothing negative to say and customer service is always very welcoming, helpful and a pleasure to communicate with.

Reino Unido
29 dias usando o app
Inkthreadable deixou uma resposta 8 de março de 2023

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review, we really appreciate it!

15 de janeiro de 2023

Amazing company, produced all my mugs for my business over the holiday, period, i highly recommend this company. I have also purchased items for my wife and can tell you first hand the quality is great.

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4 meses usando o app
Inkthreadable deixou uma resposta 16 de janeiro de 2023

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review, we really appreciate it!

8 de março de 2023

Excellent company, couldn't recommend them high enough, if you are looking for a reliable professional outfit, look no further.

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8 meses usando o app
Inkthreadable deixou uma resposta 9 de março de 2023

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review, we really appreciate it!

2 de outubro de 2022

really like the choices of garments and quality of dtg prints. they are really helpful and fast with support, i liked doing business with them. really nice people.

Estados Unidos
8 meses usando o app
4 de abril de 2023

Love Inkthreadable, from their eco ethos to the fantastic range and quality. Items arrive quickly, and I'm proud to have HowlTruth merch supplied by them.

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7 meses usando o app
Inkthreadable deixou uma resposta 4 de abril de 2023

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review, we really appreciate it!

17 de novembro de 2020

Service is excellent, app is easy to use, although tend yo use the Head to the website button as it seems easier sometimes.
Times were slower during initial lockdown, but communication was good and so I could inform my customers. Delays were inevitable and most customers are understanding as we're all in the same boat.
End customers are very happy with the quality.

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Aproximadamente 4 anos usando o app
21 de maio de 2020

We've used Inkthreadable (a lot more than we expected to) since launching our brand. The app and UI is clean and fairly easy to navigate, although I would request a bit more clarity for the payment requirements etc, as that's a bt of a mindfield. That being said, the Inkthreadable teams support has been excellent and really makes them standout. Things have gone wrong, and issues have been flagged, but the team have identified and rectified our points, sending out replacement products when needed, FOC to us, which is all we can ask for the moment. Long term, it would be good to have some QA level back and forth, but understand that is difficult whilst ensuring rapid delivery as we require.
The quality of products on offer is excellent, we chose to stay clear of the cheapest options for most product and this paid off, the quality is great and selection is unparamount in UK POD services. Add to that environmentally aware packaging and a good notifications system for fulfilment, and we're happy!
Keep it up team, thanks for all the support!
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Quase 3 anos usando o app
27 de julho de 2017

My store has been using Inkthreadable since its inception and it has done nearly everything (expanded below) perfectly. Here's a overview.

Product selection : true it is currently the best in Europe, but there can always be
more products and product options.

Printing quality : we use Continental Clothing Earth Positive (50% cotton/ 50%
tencel) for our apparel and both the hoodies and tees have
come out better than expected.

Digital mockups : Could use a lot of improvement!

Production Time : One word that would describe it, would be patchy. Sometimes
the delivery has been within 3 working days. Other more
frequent times it can get up to 10 working days (within the UK).

App : Not the most user-friendly but isn't that complicated.

Payment : Works well.

Customer service : Excellent and friendly staff, however, I have had some
circumstances when they have not informed me of certain
issues with orders.

Overall : Inkthreadable is a good service. Now, there are certain
improvements and other add-ons I would love to see (e.g.
branded packing inserts) that would increase the services
value. 8/10.

Only Chill Vibes
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Aproximadamente 2 anos usando o app
Data de edição: 17 de julho de 2019

After previously having a lot of issues with Inkthreadable we decided to give them another go as we really wanted to work with a UK based supplier and we have been pleasantly surprised. They seem to be living up to their promises so far and we hope to continue working with them for the foreseeable future.

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Quase 2 anos usando o app
10 de abril de 2018

I have been using Inkthreadable for just over a month now and haven't really had any problems with their service. Their app integrates with shopify quite nicely, meaning its easy to mock up designs on their website and transfer them straight to your store therefore reducing the time it takes to create new products. I feel 4/5 stars is a fair judgement of their service as printing and shipping times can be a little slower than ideally you would want. But this is to be expected with a company printing on demand to a range of clients, therefore it is something you take on-board before choosing them as a supplier. Overall for me, the pro's of using their service and they are UK based, clearly outweigh the con's.

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10 meses usando o app