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Competitor Price Monitoring and Dynamic Price Optimization

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Competitive Price Monitoring

Track your competitors’ products and draw price comparisons for exact and similar products across the globe to win more buy boxes.

Rule-based Dynamic Pricing

Optimize prices on auto-pilot with rule-based, AI driven dynamic pricing and daily price recommendations set flexible, competitive prices.

Daily Custom Notifications

Get daily updates on in-scope SKUs, smart price recommendations, exact and similar product matches and other key updates on your dashboard.

Su PriceIntelligence AI

Competitor Price Monitoring, Rule Based Dynamic Pricing, & Price Optimization

Intelligence Node developed PriceIntelligence AI to expand its AI-powered price intelligence, competitive price monitoring, and dynamic pricing capabilities to the Shopify retailers across the world.

With our app, Shopify retailers can harness the same eCommerce insights that the world's leading retailers are using to optimize their prices. With just a few clicks, you can set up rules based dynamic pricing and competitive benchmarking for similar and exact products against your competition and get price updates 4x daily.

Once you get onboarded onto the Shopify PriceIntelligence AI app, all your in-scope data gets automatically synced with the Intelligence Node console to give you a seamless, hassle free pricing experience.

With daily custom alerts, Shopify retailers can closely monitor prices against their competitors down to the product level. The pre-set pricing rules can automatically optimize prices at all times to reflect the most competitive pricing across your entire product catalog.

The Benefits of PriceIntelligence AI

1. Experience Price Optimization Around the Clock

With Intelligence Node’s PriceIntelligence AI app, you can automate your dynamic pricing strategy and enjoy the benefits of optimized, competitive pricing around the clock.

2. Accurately Match Exact and Similar Products

Our exact and similar product matching capabilities offer precise competitive benchmarking and SKU level product and price comparisons that can help grow your product level margins substantially.

3. Make Data-driven Dynamic Pricing Decisions

Our rule-based dynamic pricing powered by AI driven algorithms enables Shopify retailers to easily customize rules and edit existing rules at any point in time. With visibility into competitor prices, matching SKUs, and price movements, sellers can make data-driven pricing decisions and reap the benefits, instantly.

4. Get Daily Custom Alerts

With custom notifications on your dashboard, you can get daily updates on price movements, overpriced and underpriced products benchmarked against your competitors, price comparisons across exact and similar match products, and automatically optimize prices as per your strategic rules.

5. Save Time & Manpower

Save time and manpower with PriceIntelligence AI’s automated dynamic pricing that you would otherwise need to invest in manually monitoring, reviewing, and updating prices for all SKUs across competitors.

6. Grow Your Margins

Leverage AI-driven pricing algorithms trusted by global retailers to optimize prices on a daily basis and grow your margins and profitability down to the product level.

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  • 1000 SKUs
  • 3 Competitors
  • SKUs & Competitors once selected will remain the same
  • Customer to provide SKU matches
  • 2x Daily Refresh Rate



  • 1000 SKUs
  • Flexibility to change 10% of SKUs/month
  • 5 Competitors (one time selection)
  • We provide SKU matches (one time)
  • 4x Daily Refresh Rate



If you need more SKUs and competitors, contact us at for custom pricing and discounts.

  • 1000 SKUs
  • 10 Competitors
  • Flexibility to change 20% of SKUs & Competitors/month
  • We provide SKU matches (recurring)
  • 6x Daily Refresh Rate

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Kinky Toy Store

This app works well and is easy to install. This app does what its claims do and is easy to manage. Customer service is friendly and ready to help. I recommend this app to all.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

17 agosto 2021

Thank you for sharing your positive feedback with us! We're grateful for your 5 star review and are glad to have you as a valued customer. We look forward to continue working with you and provide you with excellent support!

Our onboarding experience with Intelligence Node was easy, we were up and running in a day. The software does exactly what we expect it to do and is highly accurate. The user interface is simple, intuitive, and professional looking. It is much better than other solutions we have used. In addition, their customer support team is fast and helpful.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

22 luglio 2021

Thank you for taking the time to leave us this great review! We are delighted to hear your positive feedback and are glad to have you as a valued customer. We look forward to continue doing business with you!


Intelligence Node’s dynamic pricing software is accurate, and I can trust it to keep my products competitively priced so I can focus on growing the business. In addition, their tech team is extremely responsive and addressed all my questions and opened to suggestions on app improvement to better suit our business needs . I would highly recommend Intelligence Node to digital-first businesses looking to rapidly scale their businesses in today's competitive eCommerce environment. -COO at Keoji

Risposta dello sviluppatore

22 luglio 2021

Thank you for this great 5 star review and for taking the time to share your positive opinion about us! It's customers like you that help us constantly improve and we appreciate all the insights you share with our team. We look forward to continue doing business with you!