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Badges grab customers attention and lead to higher conversion

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⚡Attention !!! ⚡

That caused you to blink twice, didn’t it?

  1. You only have microseconds to grab your customers' attention. Focus where it counts - on your best selling, most popular and newest items.
  2. Better focus leads to better sales. Let your star items shine ☼
  3. Choose from hundreds (and growing!) of beautiful designs guaranteed to suit your exact needs.
  4. Our simple yet powerful rules based system automagically applies badges to your items
  5. No need for any program or design knowledge (no Liquid either!).
  6. What you see is what you get! Instant preview and simple one-click to install.
  7. Get all this and much more with zero increase in load time.

⚡Features: 1-2-3 ✅ ⚡

  1. Select Badge Type
  2. New - to set to products that have been uploaded recently
  3. Popular - to set to your best selling products
  4. Sale - to appear on products that are currently on a discount
  5. Free - to appear on products you are currently giving away
  6. Out of stock - to appear to products that are currently sold out
  7. Custom - to set your own custom badges on whatever product you want. For example you could set your own brand's logo, or indicators like 'More Colors' to let your customers know.

  8. Select Image

  9. Choose a beautiful badge from our gallery or upload your own

  10. Set badge position, size and color

  11. Preview in the product panel

  12. Select When Badge Appears

  13. Use our incredibly powerful rules system

  14. Set badges on specific products, collections or use our smart rules

  15. Each badge type has its own set of unique smart rules

  16. ✅ Review & Publish

  17. Verify that badges that are about to be applied match your taste.

  18. Press "Install Badge" button to apply changes to your shop

⚡Important: ⚡

Some of the competing offerings add considerable loading times to sites. Considering that every extra tenth of a second that a customer waits for your page to load is a second that they might very well leave and go to your competition. Which is why instantbadge approaches the issue differently - it statically analyzes your sites' structure and adds the badges in a way that causes NO increase in loading time. Not even if you have hundreds of products. It just works. Instantly. ⚡

How does Instabadge do all this?!

  • We apply our algorithm to your liquid theme and insert our badge snippet to the correct place
  • We upload your stylized badge to your Shopify's store host to make sure it loads instantly.
  • We create a hidden collection named instabadge-best-selling' to help us quickly prioritize and display the correct badges on your popular items.

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  • $19.99 for an unlimited number of badges, valid for stores using the Plus Shopify plan only

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4.1 stelle su 5

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Fidelity Denim

Amazing Support!
I was getting an error while trying to upload a custom badge, so I emailed support. I got a response (from a real person!) in under 5 minutes, he figured out the issue and pushed a fix for it within 1 hour of my initial email!

D.O. Design Only

I just started to use Instabadges and I really think it will help us develope our new store. Until now it have fulfilled all my requirements. Thanks!


This is the best App i have on my website so far ! so easy to use and very reasonable prices . i love the fact that we can customise our own badges. Since installing this app my sales have boosted.