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Fast Simon has been a game changer for our business. Their excellent customer support and developer team were able to customize a sophisticated filtering and search function for our website. They were fast, efficient, smart and endlessly patient. We are now able to present an on-brand experience for our customers with the analytics to assess how our business is performing and the ability to manage our filters and search easily. Highly recommended!

Satya Online
Fast Simonが返信しました 2022年11月21日

Thanks you for the kind review - a pleasure working with an amazing merchant like Satya - have an amazing BFCM!


Amazing customer support. I had an enhancement I wanted and couldn't figure it out but with their support I was able to get the CSS from support and make the changes.

Shout! Factory
Fast Simonが返信しました 2022年11月20日

Thanks you for the kind review! Glad you like it :-)


Really loved this app to begin with, but recently became disappointed in a few things that led me to cancel. Firstly, the sudden price increase - from $140/yr to $400/year?! - for the same level of features. Once it expired, the regular search functionality was disabled/broken on my website. I lost a lot of business over the weekend because no one could search my products. Their customer support responses were unfriendly/rude, unhelpful, and did not make me want to support this company any longer. I researched and found several other Shopify instant search apps for far less cost and/or free that do the exact same thing and even offer more features. Don't waste your money with this Search app.

Claire W Design
Fast Simonが返信しました 2022年11月20日

Hi Claire,

We were sorry to read your review. A few facts to keep in mind:

1. You were answered politely - no rudeness whatsoever.
2. Your search was not working due to the fact that you replaced the basic Shopify search with the app search. However, you stopped paying for the app search, and therefore it stopped working.  As you can see below - we explained it to you several times and gave you the choice to pay for the app or stop using the app.
3. Moreover, when you complained that the new pricing is too high for you - we extended a significant small business discount to you so that the new price is closer to what you paid before.


Amazing Customer Support! I had an issue and the team at fast Simon fixed the issue straight away, they have been so quick and effecient

Shop Fortune Costumes Lingerie
Fast Simonが返信しました 2022年11月20日

Much appreciated and wishing you a fantastic BFCM season!


Search & Product Filters App is absolutely excellent and has fantastic options for displaying collections, and with very quick search features and much more. Support, Stav was very thorough and helpful in support with a query. If I was a store customer, I would especially like the large product cards that showcase and enhance home & outdoor collections brilliantly. Superb app with excellent support 5 stars. Ezailer Store

Fast Simonが返信しました 2022年11月20日

We're all blushing here reading your raving review about the product and support - thanks so much!


I did not fully explore the app but find the demand for customer geo-location data on sign up, unacceptable. There is no reason for this app to have that information, why do they need to know a 10 digit grid for my customers - I don't need to know it so why do they make this a condition of using their app?

Fast Simonが返信しました 2022年8月4日

Thank you for question. Our app is asking for permission to read orders so that it can be used as a signal for our AI in search, discovery, merchandising, etc. Using order data as an AI signal significantly improves results for merchants. Our app does not save or care about any PII or customer data such as 10 digit grid... Unfortunately, Shopify does not provide a mechanism to refine access to specific elements of order data. Hopefully it answers your question, and it will encourage you to fully explore the app.
Fast Simon team


This app truly maximize conversion rate & AOV. This app does not a combination of simple search bar or filters, but providing best Shopping Experiences for our customers. The help center is so much helpful and fast. Anyone who tired of delaying services must use this app. Highly recommended.

Fast Simonが返信しました 2022年11月20日

Thanks you so much for the review - it means a lot to us moving forward with the shopping experience innovation.


The best search & filtering app there is, hands down. All the rest dont come close. Worth the money, no question

Fast Simonが返信しました 2022年11月20日

Thanks so much - we appreciate your kind review and the fact that you love it!


Would NOT recommend. This app ads code to your site that takes developer support to delete. Bad business! Subpar customer service and the functionality is really bad. The look and feel is not responsive either.

Halberstadt's Bismarck
Fast Simonが返信しました 2022年5月31日

Per Shopify's records, you installed the app Jan 31, uninstalled and then again installed on Feb 28 2022. Apparently did not take developer support to delete the app then... Not only you re-installed the app, you subscribed to a plan and used it for 3 full months. During this period, per our Zendesk records, we have not received any support request from you whatsoever. We serve THOUSANDs of Shopify stores, yet we are truly puzzled by your review. Still, if you need help, we are happy to help you out if needed at
Fast Simon Team


FAST SIMON is very easy to use, but really powerful solution for merchants to improve Search System. It covers not only product search but do help boost CRM and SEO too. The help center is very professional. I recommend it.

andar JAPAN