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Bewerkt 2 juli 2021

We used this app for a year at the rate of $49.99/mo without any issues. But at the end of the year, they inform us that they now base their plans on monthly Sessions (not the number of search queries) and that we're now forced into a plan that is $129/mo. That is an unreasonable upsell considering we spend on marketing to increase our traffic (sessions) but that does not necessarily translate into increased use of this search bar app. Why? Because we target our advertising at specific products and pages. In-store Searches are primarily driven by Organic Traffic. So why should we pay more for a search bar because we advertise more? Especially when that does not impact searches by organic users? If we have 72,000 sessions but only 2,000 searches... why are we paying for sessions? These things are unrelated and it's a sneaky way of linking their fees to our marketing spend. Big NOPE. If you want to be penalized for spending more on marketing and increasing your sessions, then this might be the search bar for you! But there are plenty of other highly functional search bar apps that charge based on actual use of the search bar - based on searches. When asked for an explanation about this via their support channel the responses were timely but terse and uninformative. For $129/mo you at least expect very friendly customer support. After the initial 1-star review we posted they reached out to complain about details of the review but not to offer any sort of remedy to the core issue. Seems they are more concerned with review stars than with customer satisfaction.

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Bewerkt 26 mei 2018

Not Paying $150 A Month For This... That's Crazy

Pix Gifts
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29 september 2016

Was paying $100/month and had an issue with the way this app was working. Took two times reaching out to customer support to get an answer. When I did, they told me there was a conflicting problem with their app and another. Instead of looking into they told me to contact support for the other app. Needless to say, deleted instant search and installed another.

Retro Active Smoke Shop
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Bewerkt 18 januari 2017

Had a nightmare of a time transferring our Instant Search + data over to a new Shopify store. Instant Search + works pretty well once you have it setup, but migrating data to a new store was sure a headache.

Merchology Canada
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Bewerkt 8 oktober 2015

I do like Instant Search +, dont get me wrong, it's a really really good search index that works absolutely flawless most of the time.

My issue is the pricing, i have a relatively small shop and i HAVE to shell out 20$ per month because i have alot of products listed and i find it heavily overpriced for what i'm getting.

While i was in the trial i could at least Sync the data on demand, now that i'm paying i dont have this option anymore. So whenever i change prices i have to live with the fact that people will see the WRONG prices in search until the next day. They will also not see newly added products until the app decides to sync the next day by itself.
That is unfortunately a huge bummer for any business that changes it's products / prices quite fast.

The solution is simple... spend even more money so i can sync on demand. But i'm not willing to do that, as i already find the price borderline acceptable for what volume we have.

Anyways... the app itself is great, the separation of features for small clients like me is very unfortunate and i cannot recommend it under these circumstances for anyone who works at low margins. Pricingplans that take away core features which are convenient are a thing of the past.

Until sync on demand is in the cheaper plans this app is a 3 / 5 in my book unfortunately. I expect this as a core functionality from a Search App. Otherwise it doesnt work correctly simple as that.

(And i'm not even having the cheapest plan mind you!)

3 / 5

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16 augustus 2016

App has great functions but is very confusing to use and customer support hasn't proven to all that helpful - I have a number of things I'm looking to improve within the autocomplete and results and simply can't figure out how to do them.

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