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12 de fevereiro de 2024

I uploaded the app yesterday and after looking over it within an hour (you have only 7 days on the free trial), but not installing it via code, decided to ask for it to be paused as this is going to be a busy week. I've heard nothing back about this.

So now I am unimpressed that for an app called Intelligems there is no obvious and easy way to uninstall the app off your list of Shopify apps ESPECIALLY WHEN NO APP CODE HAS BEEN UPLOADED.

Uninstalling an upp should be immediate and easy. And this is not.

Brighton House Decor
3 days usando a aplicação
7 de novembro de 2023

I'm surprised to see mostly five star reviews for this app.
Having previously tested out Shoplift for landing page split testing and AB Convert for price testing, I came to Intelligems hoping to find an all-in-one solution.

Unfortunately, it's proven to be a major waste of my time. Here's what I wish I'd known before investing my time into this app:

- The UI is complex.
- To run a split test on landing pages you need to add custom code.
- If you have geo-redirects for subdomains you need to create redirects for every test region.
- If you want to run a price test, it's an extra $300 per month minimum (AB Convert offer this function for $50).

The alternative apps out there like Shoplift & AB Convert are both cheaper and, crucially, take minimal time to setup, run and interpret. When time is your most valuable resource, this is a major factor.

Pixie Wing
Nova Zelândia
8 days usando a aplicação