Intercept: Video Social Proof

Intercept: Video Social Proof

da Intercept CX

Automate Video Reviews - Collect & Share Customer Testimonials

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Capture authentic social proof

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s an authentic customer video worth? Video reveals how customers actually think and feel.

Easy to automate

Automatically send an SMS when a customer checks out, after a certain amount of time, or when an order is fulfilled.

User content drives sales

Elevate the voice of your customers to your store's visitors. Share your favorite videos with our widget or download and share on social.

Su Intercept: Video Social Proof

Authentic social proof that leads to increased sales

You have a great product and a loyal customer base, but are you really capitalizing on the passion surrounding what you're selling?

Videos reviews are a critical part of any social proof strategy - let your customers do the explaining for you!

Videos elevate your customer love beyond what simple reviews can. They give your shop's visitors a direct window into why your company's biggest fans love your products - revealing exactly how they think and feel about what you're selling.

Intercept's Key Features:

Automate reviews at scale

Automation enables you to send out your prompt when it matters most - either a certain number of days after an order is placed or even when an order is delivered. Requests for reviews are sent via SMS so they are delivered at the perfect moment and are top-of-mind.

Fully customizable questions

Ask what you want, how you want. Intercept is fully customizable, including the text message you include, how the questions are worded, and what questions you ask.

Share and review videos from your admin dashboard

View and save your customer review videos right in your Shopify dashboard. Easily download them to use on social media or in your marketing materials.

Embed your favorite videos right on your site

Intercept makes it easy to share your videos with potential customers who are visiting your site. Easily embed Intercept into your theme and start showcasing your favorite videos for the world to see.

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Prezzi 14 giorni di prova gratuita



Additional SMS messages billed at $1 per 5 messages

  • Capture up to 25 video reviews per month

  • Send up to 200 video review links per month



  • Capture up to 100 video reviews per month

  • Send up to 500 video review links per month



  • Capture up to 500 video reviews per month

  • Send up to 1000 video review links per month

* Tutte le spese sono fatturate in USD. Le spese ricorrenti, comprese le spese per utilizzo o mensili, sono fatturate ogni 30 giorni.

5.0 stelle su 5

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This is a fantastic app! Don’t be fooled by their lack of reviews - they are newcomers innovating the review/user-generated content space. Getting to actually see/hear my customers react products is a priceless experience. Better yet, all that you have to do is set up the questions and Intercept take care of all the heavy lifting, automatically asking each one customers for a video review. 5/5 would HIGHLY recommend for anyone looking for an easy way to collect authentic, UGC. Thank you Intercept!