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6 februari 2024

Overall the App is quite easy to use. My only complaint is that it is a little tough to get accurate shipping quotes when you're not using Shopify's shipping settings. It requires a bit of tinkering.

The best part is how responsive their team is to issues/said tinkering. They always get back to you quickly and they also are very helpful. So much so, that they're the ones following up with you to make sure that your issue is resolved if you go quiet.

Cascade Mountain Tech
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Intuitive Shipping Inc heeft geantwoord 15 februari 2024

Thank you for taking time to leave this thoughtful review. We very much appreciate your feedback and kind words. It's great to hear that our support team has been providing you with excellent support when needed.

We understand that shipping can be complex and each setup is different. Our team is here to make sure things are running smoothly if you run into any concerns. I know that Paul is working with you to help you get rates working as expected. Paul and the rest of our support team will continue to help as long as it's needed.

Best regards,

Ron Anderson
Customer Experience Manager

20 december 2023

Lets me configure almost any shipping rule I want easily. UI could use some work to streamline redundant button clicks, and there is an annoying thing with shipstation where the connection gets stale and I have to manually reset it

But communication is great and support is helpful. Would not be able to run biz without it

MASA Chips
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Intuitive Shipping Inc heeft geantwoord 15 januari 2024

Thank you for taking time to share this thoughtful review so others can make an informed decision. We also appreciate the time you took to respond with additional feedback requested by our support team, which has been shared with our developers. We completely understand your concerns with the ShipStation connection. Our team is in communication with ShipStation as we look for a resolution.

We sincerely appreciate your feedback on the UI. Intuitive Shipping was built on and evolved from feedback from our users, so we always take it very seriously, making changes where possible, especially when it improves performance or the user experience. Some of the things you mentioned in your feedback are already in our development pipeline and will be implemented in a future update, while others are still in consideration. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us again if you spot something you feel can be improved.

We're glad to hear Intuitive Shipping is an important tool for supporting your business, and our team is here to help with anything should you need us in the future.

Best regards,

Ron Anderson
Customer Experience Manager

23 november 2023

It's not the easiest app to use, you must have certain knowledge in ecommerce and operation but the support is great and they are always here to help us out and quite quick! We appreciate it, thank you !

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Intuitive Shipping Inc heeft geantwoord 30 november 2023

Thank you for taking time to share your experience with Intuitive Shipping. We appreciate your honest feedback and your kind words about our support team. Intuitive Shipping can do a lot and we know that shipping in general can be complex. Our team is always here to help you work through any issues you run into or just to answer questions as they come up. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us again!

Best regards,

Ron Anderson
Customer Experience Manager

14 november 2020

Intuitiva (hace honor a su nombre) y funcional. Tiene algunas limitaciones que esperamos que puedan solucionar en el más corto plazo; sin embargo, para nosotros es la herramienta más completa en el tema de shipping de todas las que hemos probado en Shopify.

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4 augustus 2021

Difficult to get going but once up and running you're set! 10/10 service from Michael Janes, without his help I would not have been able to set my store up for delivery. Recommendation to the support team is to have more how-to-videos. Note: If you want to offer pick and delivery you need their sister app which is an added expense.

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Intuitive Shipping Inc heeft geantwoord 4 augustus 2021

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review! We greatly appreciate it, and so do users looking for the ideal shipping solution for their store.

I wanted to clarify that Intuitive Shipping offers store pickup and local delivery options within the app (postcode zones, distance-based calcs, etc.) and that Zapiet’s Store Pickup + Delivery is only needed if you require a calendar-style delivery date and time selector in tandem with the robust control Intuitive Shipping offers.

I’m glad you mentioned more tutorial videos. These are currently in development, so, in the meantime, we offer one-on-one onboarding calls so that users can learn precisely how to configure Intuitive Shipping for their unique requirements. I’m thrilled to hear that you were able to take advantage of this, and Michael was able to guide you through the configuration.

Best regards,
Ron Anderson | Customer Experience Manager

5 augustus 2019

Great app with a lot of features to make your shipping accurate! I'm personally waiting for their newest version that could allow more boxes to be added, Paul was a great help and I cannot wait for the new update! We use 30+ boxes in our system because we sell a lot of different products of different size that get bought together.

Obsessed Garage
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