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Editado a 19 de maio de 2019

very bad support system its been more then 1 week asked for support but they are not responding at any query.completely shiity product

Reino Unido
11 months usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Intuitive Shipping Inc 19 de maio de 2019

Hey Tanvir,

Thank you for your feedback. We take customer experience very seriously, so I made sure to do a deep dive into our tickets to ensure we didn't drop the ball. We have a few support tickets from you, all of which have been resolved with the last request being on May 7th.

In the last ticket, I can see that Sam from our partner app, Store Pickup + Delivery, answered your question but didn't receive a reply from you. He did follow up another two times before closing the ticket, so now I am worried your email may be the culprit: please reach out to support@intuitiveshipping.com from a personal email such as a Gmail account - I am really hoping we can get in touch to make sure you have an experience like the 64 who wrote in before you.

I reached out already to the email you've been submitting tickets with. Let me know a time today or tomorrow where we can jump on a call.


28 de janeiro de 2023

this app is 980 a complaint and doesn't follow the guidelines to help people with disabilities function that's not compatible with the screen readers for one number two I have not received any support or help. I reached out several times, and had several meetings and no one to turn the damn they don't respond for the app support which is hurting me and my shipping process has been waiting patiently for several weeks just expire. . The bottom of the bottom line is don't trust these people it's very well decorated, but it does not perform to its own standards. I'm very unhappy and dissatisfied and I can I get no assistance, so I'm just gonna have to report this again to the ADA bought a complaint for people with

Miracle Spritz
Estados Unidos
25 days usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Intuitive Shipping Inc 28 de janeiro de 2023

I'm so sorry to hear this has been your experience with Intuitive Shipping. Please know that we offer advanced support services to customers with disabilities where required. So, to get you configured asap, let's figure out why our ticket replies and calendar bookings aren't hitting your inbox.

I hope my reply here prompts you to check your junk or spam folders. Paul has sent another email to the address on file from the support ticket you submitted and through your store's contact us form. My assumption is that our communication is being routed to your junk or spam folder.

Our team is more than happy to help get you configured today. If you could share some ways we can make the app easier to navigate, we would greatly appreciate any suggestions, so future customers have a better experience.

Again, I am sorry that this has been your experience with Intuitive.

Warm regard,
Sharon Green