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Sales forecast, automatic replenishment, product segmentation.

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Sales forecasting

See how much you will sell in weeks to come. Use this information to make data-driven decisions on replenishment.

Understand your portfolio

See which products make the most profits and which are just taking up space in your inventory.

Keep stock available

Make your customers satisfied by keeping your items available. Reduce stock-outs while keeping a lean inventory.

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Sales forecasting

Inventoro offers highly accurate sales forecasting based on past sales. Become a modern retail organization by making decisions based on future modeling. Prepare in advance for demand and understand how your business really works. Inventoro enables customers to filter demand forecasting by warehouse location, product category, and supplier.

Replenishment optimization

Don’t order too much or too little inventory. Order the right amount by following Inventoro’s replenishment recommendations for each day. We calculate the right order list based on our sophisticated forecasting methods.

  • Avoid stock-outs

Losing customers because you run out of inventory is a mistake you can’t afford to make. We see your stock-outs coming days and weeks in advance, and we make sure you avoid them. Inventoro keeps your top-selling products available at all times.

  • Free operating cash

Inventoro gives you the ability to order less and sell more at the same time. We find the perfect balance between too much inventory and too little. We help you identify your dead inventory and free operational cash all-in-all.

Inventory alert

Get notified about your suggested replenishment every single day. In that way, you will never run out of stock, and your customers will always have all the desired products available.

Understand which products create profits

Inventoro analyzes all the products you sell and divides items into three simple categories. On one screen, you will quickly understand what’s profitable and what’s just inventory trash. The categories are:

  • Winners

These are the cash cows of your inventory. These items sell the most and create the majority of your profits.

  • Chasers

These are important strongholds of your inventory. Chasers represent the foundation of your business and attract customers to your e-shop.

  • Losers

These items are slowing your business down. They sit in your inventory, taking up warehouse space and operational cash. These make your house smaller, your holiday shorter, your car slower.

Product segmentation can be filtered again by warehouse location, category, and supplier.

Unlimited plan

All features are included in our unlimited plan. Unlimited warehouses, unlimited SKUs, unlimited branches.

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  • Sales forecast

  • Product segmentation

  • Automatic replenishment

  • Demand planning

  • Inventory management

  • Purchase order

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Danny P.

If you have a lot of products and you don't know when to make purchase orders - Inventoro is the right tool for you! It will minimize your stock value so you have more cash for growth. A great feature is also to see, which products are generating more of the profit so you can focus your marketing on them.


Do you have many items in your inventory? Then Inventoro is the right tool for you if you need to identify your best products from the revenue perspective. Also you get to know your losers, products you should stop selling. Customer support is superb and very personal!