Inventory Flow

Inventory Flow

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Sync your inventory automatically from any source

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Inventory Updates

Inventory updates flowing automatically into your Shopify store based on API calls.

Inventory Locations

Update inventory per location with API webhooks on demand!

Inventory Logging

Log your inventory updates and track how your products are changing in terms of inventory and inventory location.

Su Inventory Flow

Inventory Flow

This application is designed to expose a friendly set of endpoints that merchants can use to interact with their store's inventory via API without needing to know anything about Shopify's API itself.

We designed this application to be a bridge to solve the difficulty of updating inventory via API between Shopify and its merchants.

Instead of a merchant needing their own private application, API routes, authentication handling, and the retrieval of Shopify's internal inventory_item and location IDs, this application performs all of that in the background using the "sync" actions available inside of the app!

The "sync" action will create a new job in the system, and utilize the Shopify API to get all available inventory items and location IDs, store those IDs in a database under the merchant's user, and cross-references that with the "friendly" name that the merchant is familiar with, such as a SKU, a GTIN, as well as "friendly" inventory names such as the name of the warehouse (New York, for example).

This application will allow for the merchant to send requests to their personalized endpoint URLs available on the application's "settings" page using their SKU and location, instead of the "inventory_item_id" and "location_id".

Install Inventory Flow today, click the "sync" button, and start sending inventory updates via API within five minutes of application installation!

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5.0 stelle su 5

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Working amazing for Authenturkish. We were having trouble with our inventory management. Now, it is integrating with our system perfectly. Highly recommended!

Risposta dello sviluppatore

18 giugno 2020

Thanks so much for your review! We love that we've helped solve an issue for you!