Inventory Monkey

Inventory Monkey

da Radu Oprisan

Update inventory and prices and out of stock monitoring

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One app fits all

Save money and time by using a single app for both monitoring and synchronisation of stock quantity values.

Fire and forget

Setup once, apply to any number of shops and forget about every doing manual inventory or price updates ever again.

Setup support

Live support staff is standing by to help with setting up inventory sync and monitoring.

Su Inventory Monkey

Managing and monitoring inventory on any number of stores has never been easier. Save time and keep information accurate on your stores with Inventory Monkey.

Why use Inventory Monkey

  • Increase sales by having out-of-stock products automatically become available, once the supplier updates its information, on all of your stores at the same time
  • Increase customer confidence by always having up-to-date information about your products
  • Save time and increase reliability by using automation
  • Works with any number of stores
  • Supports an unlimited number of products
  • Handles an unlimited number of feeds to accommodate any number of suppliers, warehouses and drop shippers
  • It monitors all products and alerts you via e-mail when a product goes out of stock or goes under a specified limit

Inventory Monkey provides a single app to both monitor and update the stock values in your stores

Sync schedules

We have created a scheduling system that allows you to control when and how your data is being updated

  • Dynamically update inventory values and product prices
  • Match products by either SKU or barcode
  • Choose an update frequency as high as every half hour, setting the days of the week and the times to update, individually for each task
  • Choose the stores to update with each task, with location support, allowing you to fully manage your store's inventory

Monitor schedules

Inventory Monkey can monitor all or some products available in your stores and notify you via e-mail when a product goes under a specified stock value as well as when that condition clears

  • Choose how often the system will check with a frequency as high as every half hour
  • Choose to monitor one or more stores
  • Set the actual time when monitoring should occur to run, for example, only during work hours
  • Set the week days when monitoring should occur
  • Set filters to monitor either a single product, a number of products based on SKU prefix or all products within your stores
  • Create a list of e-mail addresses that will receive messages for each task


We support a variety of options to import data from your suppliers, drop shippers and warehouses

Inventory Monkey can update inventory data from

  • Google Drive shared files
  • Dropbox shared files
  • E-mail attachments sent to e-mail addresses that we create for you
  • E-mail attachments sent to existing e-mail accounts
  • Google SpreadSheet files
  • Files located on an FTP server

Currently we support CSV, XLS and XSLX file formats.

We put your business first thus full 24/7 e-mail support is available and our technicians are constantly monitoring our systems to ensure that you can actually forget that you ever had problems with your inventory.

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  • dropbox,
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Great app, I don't have to worry about inventory levels any more, this app handles everything for me. My inventory didn't update for some reason and Radu contacted me before I over sold. Great service!!

Very good app, it helped us a lot as we have 4 shops. ( , , , )
App works great with our warehouse data , tech support was great to handle everthing fast (one hour since notified).