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The app does everything you will need and more. The basic features get your invoicing up and running quickly , with VAT details etc which is need in the UK. Beyond that there are loads of other features for people with high volume orders and invoicing needs. Support is excellent and responsive Same day :) Will be using on my other new shopify sites coming soon

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Invoice Falcon is a powerful and customisable invoice generation app which helps us ensure all our invoices are perfect before sending to our customers. This app has a great edit function, which allows you to modify the generated PDF - you can click and edit text in any box, change information that was imported from customer account and order, and modify this information if required before sending or exporting as pdf. It allows for customisation and design of your invoice template by enabling or disabling different fields, and customising the colours according to your brand. It makes it easy for non-technical orders to update, modify and create invoice templates. Invoice Falcon is a great fully featured invoice app for Shopify.

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We have been using the app for our business and it has been the perfect find.
The settings are easy to understand and the invoices look perfect. It is very easy to download the invoice of the orders integrated with shopify. You don't need to enter any detail of the order.
The support team is also very helpful.
As we have just started out, we can't afford to pay every app, this is the best free invoice app providing 50 free invoices. As the business grows, we won't mind paying for this one!

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I found this app really good as you get free plan (up till 50 invoices monthly) which is very important for small business. Also all invoice fields can be renamed which is crucial feature for non English countries. In almost 3 years there was only one issue I encountered, but support was very helpfull and fixed that quickly.

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The App is very simple and intuitive in use. It let you issue and automatically send the invoice. Also edit them, if needed. You can download invoice batch and export them ti Excel as well. Customer service is amazing!

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We've had this app for about 2 years, on a paid plan. It's a strong thumbs down: while it appears to be a fine companion to Shopify's systems, we found it to be woefully short on basic functionality:

1. Additional discounts added as line items while creating the actual shopify invoices will not show in Invoice Falcon: the totals will not be matching Shopify's data. We didn't catch on to this right away and it took some tail-chasing to figure out where the issue was as the customers were paying what the pdf invoices were showing. We wrote tech support but it's comically delayed, and still not fixed to this day.
2. If one edits prices in Shopify after the pdf invoice is generated, they will not be retroactively updated in Invoice Falcon. Couldn't find a way to work around this except to start a new order. Frustrating and time wasting.
3. Small glitches in formatting: the shipping cost fields text sizes are huge and looking unprofessional and stitched together.

Will uninstall.

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Great app, and their customer support team is very responsive whenever I run into issues. I recommend this app for anyone who needs to turn a cart into a formal quote document without manually re-entering all that data.

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Perfect for what we need. Very rapid technical support as well if you run into trouble. Use it to send invoices and quotes every day.
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Great service and great software. It really makes life much easier when having to edit or review clients invoices!

100% recommended .

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Very good invoicing app. We were able to use it with absolutely no issues. There are lots of customization features enabling us to design the invoices exactly as we needed. We are also able to account for tax rates in different countries.

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